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The end of lease cleaning Adelaide is an important task to complete before moving to a new location. It is also a challenging and complex process. The bond may not be refunded if every corner of your building isn't cleaned.


Standard cleaning is expected by the landlord. Once you are able to get it back to how it was when you first moved in, your job is done. However, there are different aspects to the end of lease cleaning, and you need to consider them all.


To help you better understand the end of cleaning and related procedures, we have answered the most commonly asked questions. What is bond cleaning?

Bond cleaning is the thorough cleaning of your rental property, whether domestic or commercial, at the end of your lease. It is also commonly referred to as lease end cleaning and exit cleaning.


What is the purpose of the end of lease cleaning?

End-of-lease cleaning is a legal requirement. You will be restoring the rental property to the condition it was in when you moved in. Consequently, it needs to be neat and clean. You will only get your bond back if your building is clean at the end of the lease. In order to get your bond and deposit back, you need to do an end-of-lease cleaning.


When does end-of-lease cleaning take place?

A standard three-bedroom property will take approximately 4-6 hours to clean. A smaller property may take 3-4 hours to clean. The majority of buildings are cleaned within one day. The time will vary depending on the size of the building and the professional agency you contact.


What services are included in the end of lease cleaning?

Our end of lease cleaning includes a comprehensive list of items to be cleaned. Professional cleaning checklists are usually similar. Mopping and dusting are included in every cleaning. In addition to that, the cleaning can be classified by rooms and location. The rooms are divided into kitchen, bathroom, living room, and garden. A range of services are offered, including window, cabinet, vent, stain, floor, and shelf cleaning.


Do you need professional cleaning?

There is no need to hire a professional agency. It is possible to clean the house yourself. Nevertheless, professional agencies have additional advantages. Cleaning equipment must be purchased when you do the cleaning yourself. This can be very expensive.


Professional agencies, on the other hand, are affordable. Additionally, their services are outstanding, and you will be able to get back your bond quickly. It is therefore recommended that you hire a professional cleaning company.


Does the company offer a guarantee?

This is one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional agency. For example, if your landlord is not pleased with the cleaning. You can call them back immediately. You are entitled to a bond refund if you call back within the specified time. The agency will re-clean the house and specific areas that were not up to your standards.


What is the cost of an end of lease cleaning?

We offer affordable and affordable end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. The starting pay could be as low as $199. The average salary could range from $250 to $400. However, the cost of end of lease cleaning Adelaide varies greatly depending on the building and its location.


Do I need to be present during the end of lease cleaning?

Not at all. Domestic cleaning Adelaide does not require your presence. We will take care of the keys and you can enjoy your free time. During the end of lease cleaning Adelaide, it is your choice to stay back or to do other tasks.


Does the house have pets?

Professional cleaning agencies train their employees to be pet-friendly. Feel free to leave your pet roaming around if he or she is not scared around strangers. Keep them safe in a different location if they get anxious when meeting unknown people.


What is a deep cleaning?

First-time customers receive deep cleaning services from professional agencies. If they haven't been cleaned in the past three months or have not been professionally cleaned before, agencies offer deep cleaning services.


Describe carpet cleaning for me.

Despite their appearance, carpets contain a lot of dirt and allergens. Steam cleaning is therefore necessary. Professional agencies use specialized equipment to clean carpets. With their expertise, carpets are cleaned and extended in life while dampness is not retained in them. When it comes to carpet cleaning, which is necessary if you have pets, you should always contact a professional company.


When cleaning the premises at the end of a lease, should the electricity be turned off?

Incorrect. The cleaning team needs electricity for equipment connections, hot water, etc. During end-of-lease cleaning Adelaide, it is best to leave the electricity on.


Can I leave my property empty for end-of-lease cleaning?

For end of lease cleaning, it is wise to clear your property and leave it empty. By doing so, the professionals will be able to thoroughly clean your property. Even if you don't, remember to clear the clutter like books and clothes on the floor and move possible furniture. So the professional agency will have access to all corners of the building, and they will be able to clean it more quickly and thoroughly.


How many people will usually handle the end of lease cleaning?

The end of lease cleaning is usually done by 3 to 4 people by professional agencies. A property's size, however, will determine how many people can stay.



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