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Fashion Designing Colleges Solves Issues and Needs of Pregnancy Clothing

Every single moment of pregnancy is worth their weight in gold and will last forever. Hearts will flutter when you are about to give birth to a cute little one. Though during those nine months, you have to take care of yourself to the utmost.

The needs of pregnant women for clothing are quite different from normal women and it becomes the sole responsibility of fashion designing colleges to adhere to their needs.


1. During this period physical changes occur in the breast after the second month and in the abdomen after the third month of conception. More prominent changes take place in between the fourth and fifth months.

2. Nowadays women are moving out of the four walls of home which demands them to carry on their normal social activities even when they are pregnant.

3. Figure of a pregnant woman can be flattered by judicious selection of clothing design and fashion designing colleges have to take this into account while designing a pregnancy-wear.

Design needs that fashion designing colleges should adhere to:

1. Design should be such that the viewer's eye is diverted from those parts of the body where physical changes occur during pregnancy, to other parts of the body.

2. The middle part of the top garment needs to be comfortable and should have more room for the growing abdomen.

3. Kind of dresses need to be chosen as per the culture in which the wearers live. Tops need to be designed for western wear while kameez needs to be designed for the Indian wearers.

4. There should not be a need to get stitched tops for every proceeding month. It proves very expensive and is also.

Helpful features for upper pregnancy-wear:

  • Attention diverting features
  • Beautiful Neckline.
  • Beautiful Chest yoke.
  • Beautiful Upper sleeves.

Extra fullness features:

  • Gathers
  • Pleats
  • Umbrella cut
  • Gores
  • Smocking
  • Tucks

Levels for introducing extra fullness:

  • Across front
  • Armhole level
  • Neckline
  • Shoulders
  • Bustline

Preferential Choices by Indian Women for Pregnancy-wear:

  • Ease at armhole level more than that in normal stage.
  • Wider and deeper neckline than the collar bone.
  • At least 6″ fullness in flair of shirt.
  • Gathers and different types of pleats most preferred for provision of fullness.
  • Round neck most preferred neckline shape.
  • Short side slit or no side slit is preferred.
  • Fullness starting at the across front level is most preferred.
  • Colour according to the season.
  • Fabric: cotton or cotton-viscose blend.


* Too baggy pregnancy-wear will compromise your beauty.

* Avoid showing waistline or your abdomen will be more noticeable.

* Garment with waistline seam makes the abdomen more visible than a garment without waistline seam.

* Different colour at the abdomen area makes the projection more noticeable.

* Different colour above and below the waistline, highlights the tummy.


1. Patterned fabric will be more camouflaging than plain fabrics.

2. All-over crowded patterns will serve better than scattered patterns.

3. Floral patterns will be better than other patterns.

4. Floral, all-over, crowded patterns are more camouflaging than scattered sparse prints.

5. The use of line patterns is sceptical. The shape of the straight lines change while passing through the physical lines. Only after doing experiments with them, the actual results are known.

source: youtube

Long and Short Tops:

Long tops will draw attention away from the projection while short tops show the gap between thighs and the protruding abdomen.

Hemline Circumference and Shape as Suggested by Fashion Designing Colleges:

Garments with large hemline circumference are more becoming on a pregnant figure than with tight/narrow hemline. Short top with a flared round hemline will give a camouflaging effect.

Hemline low in the centre front will look better than the straight hemline. Straight hemline is pulled upward in the middle portion of the garment.

Side Slits:

Closed sides in a loose A-shaped shirt will look better than side slits.

In a garment with side slits, short slits will be more concealing than long slits.

Salwar worn with kameez will look better than leggings/pyjami.

Lower Garments:

Slim fit lower garment presents contrast with the larger hemline of the upper garment.

Salwar is a better option in comparison to slim fit, leggings or pajami.


Quarter length sleeve will add width at the abdomen.

Short sleeves with catchy design will divert attention away from the abdomen.


  • Extra room is needed in upper garments for the growing breasts and the abdomen.
  • Fullness should start above the bust line.

Fullness below the abdomen-

  • Fullness starting above the abdomen should continue till the hemline.
  • Narrowing below the tummy will reveal the actual shape.

What type of fabric is suggested by the fashion designing colleges?

Cotton is most comfortable. It does not develop static charge.

Cotton lining, cotton inner is generally suggested by fashion designing colleges.

source: avail everything

What type of texture do fashion designing colleges suggest?

Is itchy skin during pregnancy driving you crazy?

Avoid rough, harsh and scratchy textures which create extra fiction and cause discomfort.


It may be avoided as it may cause itching.


Seams at the abdomen may not be comfortable on the stretched skin of the pregnant woman.


Small yokes will draw attention away from the projection.


Decorative features should not be added at the belly. Decoration may be done at the upper bodice, that is, the neckline, shoulders, armhole, etc. In any case the inner side must be soft.

Suitable Fashion Suggestions by Fashion Designing Colleges:

  • Shrug and poncho style effectively hide the actual body shape.
  • Layering styles and tucks at chest.

Suitable Styles as Suggested by Fashion Designing Colleges:

  • Maxi
  • Knife pleats at neckline level
  • Elaborate border print at the hemline
  • Contrast colours at the shoulders
  • Inverted box pleats
  • Gathers for fullness below the chest level

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