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Comfortable clothing is the key to achieve stylish yet casual clothing and still appear dazzling in this unbearable heat. Today we are going to give you an insight into some tips to keep it all cool in summers.  

Below are the latest fashion trends that you should be following this summer

Buttoned down shirts

This style of a summer wardrobe is ideal for both women’s fashion and men’s fashion. Buttoned down shirts look classy in summers and can be worn for casual attire as well as and semi-formal clothing such as workplace or offices where such casual dressing is the norm. This is also the perfect wardrobe choice for college and university students as this style allows a lot of room for experimentation with colours and prints. To further cool down the temperature of your overall attire, you may roll up your sleeves for a crisp and sharp look.

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You can experiment with this one by combining the buttoned-down shirts with a t-shirt of your choice. Make men clothing a bit more versatile by pairing up different kind of buttoned-down shirts with t-shirts. For instance, a checkered buttoned-down shirt can be worn above a plain coloured t-shirt or vice versa. The rule is to keep either of the two shirts plain and the other one printed for uniformity. This rule also applies to women clothing.


Keeping it comfortable and breathable should be the aim of the summer season, to stay stylish and cool. Hence men’s shorts are the best choice of bottom wear as they provide enough room for air and can be easily paired up with any kind of shirt. Shorts are trending the most this year as they are easy to wear and can be worn at any time of the day or night.

Shorts look best with polo t-shirts, plain t-shirts, printed or graphic tees, and even buttoned-down casual shirts. However, you need to be a little picky with the choice of footwear that will go with it. If you want to keep things relaxed and extra casual, then a pair of flip flops will do it. For a friendly gathering, some open sandals will be just fine, and with a buttoned shirt, perhaps a pair of loafer will look best

Baggy closet

As summers are progressing and the heatwave will soon be hitting us, and we must be prepared for that. In terms of clothing, keeping it loose and light-toned is the key to feel less hot. Baggy shirts are one of the trendiest summer outfits this year. Several leading local brands have featured wardrobe essentials including baggy shirts and jeans. Trousers for men though always look classy and elegant when kept straight, slim fit or skinny. On the other hand, the current fashion for trousers for women is all about baggy pants. Girls can pair such pleated or baggy trousers with any loose pair of t-shirt for relaxed and chilled-out attire.

Flared Pants

If your wardrobe needs an up-gradation in terms of pants and jeans for women, then you should opt for straight jeans or the most modern style by the category of boyfriend jeans, or mom jeans as they look classy and effortlessly cool at the same time. Similarly, put away your slim fit or skinny jeans and leggings for women, as flared pants or pleated ones are now in fashion. These pants for women can be paired very easily with any kind of top or shirt, set for all sorts of time and events.

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DIY hacks

Tee shirts are the ultimate summer wardrobe for both men and women. However, you can be a little playful by experimenting with your t-shirts by referring to the DIY hacks shown by fashion influencers. So girls and boys, gear up for this summer if you are also inspired by these influencers and want some Instagram worthy pictures for your feed. These influencers teach great styling tips by incorporating whatever casual summer dresses are available with you at home along with adding accessories that glamorize even a boring shirt’s overall look.

At the same time, there are some hacks for jeans, pants and shoes that will take you from zero to hero in no time.

Dresses for formal events

Who says you can’t dress up formally in the hot weather, you just need to be a little more creative with your wardrobe and styling. Girls have plenty of options when it comes to party dresses for women. Formal dressing becomes a little tricky in summers, as formal clothes and dresses are usually made to look crisp and make you feel hotter.

For instance for girls, long breezy dresses are a good choice for summers, neutral shades, or pastel hues with minimal prints. Summer outfits for women in cool and vibrant colours instantly the entire look of your attire as lighter colours absorb less heat.




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