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Fear Of Asking Questions At School? How to overcome it?

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School is said to be the second home of the child. It is the second place after home where the child should feel the most confident, happy, and safe. It takes a lot of courage to raise your hand in class to ask a question. What if the question is unrelated to the topic or is wrong? These are the types of doubts children have in their minds before standing to ask any question. NPS Vidyaranyapura is one of the best schools you can consider for your child if you want them to be more confident.

Not every child is an extrovert and very confident about asking questions. Some children are very shy and fear asking questions or having doubts while in school. Hence, if you are a teacher or a parent and your child fears asking questions in class, consider the few points mentioned below and make them understand that it is very normal to ask questions. The teachers at National Public School Bangalore are encouraging and will help your child overcome their fear.

Reasons behind the fear of asking questions:

  • Shyness

Shyness is the most common reason for children not volunteering in class is shyness. NPS is among the top schools in north Bangalore where your child will feel safe and confident.

  • Fear of the classmates

Children generally have a fear of their classmates, and what they will think about the questions they’ll ask. Therefore the teachers at all the NPS branches in Bangalore are encouraging and help nurture children’s confidence.

  • Difficulty in forming the questions

Sometimes students struggle to form the questions due to a lack of understanding of forming the structure of lines and words.

How to overcome the fear of asking questions

Teachers can make the child understand better than the parents themselves. Hence, a teacher should step forward and help the child nurture their education and increase their self-esteem. 

  • Make several groups in the class and then ask them to brainstorm questions related to any particular topic and come up with 2-3 questions. This will increase their confidence and communication skills as children are more open to their friends and colleagues. It is proven by the studies that children learn better and feel more confident while having fun and playing games.
  • You can set any day of every week where the children must bring out 2-3 questions of their choice and inform them about this in advance. In this way, they won’t feel frightened or pressured as they will already know about the activity beforehand. Hence NPS is one of the best cbse schools in north Bangalore that you should consider for your child as it focuses on not only theory but the practicals and fun learning of your child
  • You can ask children to write their questions down in the notebooks as children are more confident while writing the question rather than asking in front of the whole class. Now, if you are searching for the best schools near vidyaranyapura to make your child more confident and improve their communication skills, then NPS is the best choice.


Children are very sensitive, especially during their teenage years. Hence they should be dealt with care. Not every child is comfortable asking questions in front of all of their classmates; hence, if you are a teacher or a parent, you can comfort them and make them understand that asking questions is not difficult. Hence every teacher at NPS school focuses on nurturing the child’s self-esteem and confidence. You can contact  NPS Vidyaranyapura for more details about the NPS admission 2023-24.


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