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C++ is an object-oriented programming language that was developed with the intention to improve the original C language. It is a general-purpose language in which we design and build applications. While it was created to add the object orientation to the C programming language, the other changes that were made are namespace features, operator overloading, error and expectation handling, and others.

Let us discuss some of the valuable features of the C++ language:

  1. Object-oriented: While C is a procedural language, C++ is an object-oriented language. The main focus of the language is on ‘objects’ and the working and manipulations around the object. These objects help you execute real-time- queries based on inheritance, data abstraction, and other methods. Further, the information about the manipulations of the object is determined by the consumer of the object.
  2. Rich library support: C++ supports a Standard Template Library (STL) with many functions available, which help in writing codes easily. There are standard templates for containers like sets, maps, has tables, etc. Moreover, the library is continuously evolving, and the makers are making all efforts to improve the library support with every new day.
  3. Speed: C++ is the language of speed and is the preferred choice when the latency is the metric. Though C++ codes need to be first compiled into a low-level code, the compilation, as well as the execution time, is much faster than other programming languages. This is why also students still choose this as their first programming project. There are many good C++ projects available for beginners as well.
  4. Platform and machine-independent: C++ is a machine-independent programming language. In simple terms, the same piece of code can work in different environments. This feature comes in very handy when you have to switch between two machines frequently. You can start your code on one machine, save and transfer it to the other machine, and work on any one of them.

So, these are some of the most important features of C++ programming.

Now that you have understood the primary features of C++, you can imagine the benefits it holds. Does this fascinate you to learn the language? You can check out the tutorial sessions with FavTutor and understand the applications of the language. Further, with customized classes and easy accessibility, you will be able to build a solid foundation of learning.


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