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Features of Small 240-Volt Generators You Should Know

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Power outages are more common than you may think. These situations are often caused by extreme weather events such as hurricanes and earthquakes, which are out of your control. In 2021, more than 1 million people lost electricity across eight states due to Hurricane Ida. So if you want to avoid losing much-needed power in the middle of a storm, consider investing in a small 240-volt generator.

Top features to look out for in small 240-volt generators

  • Power capacity

As the name suggests, small generators are only capable of running a few appliances at a time. But don’t be fooled—they’re just as powerful as large generators.

When looking for a portable option, find one offering 10% to 20% more power than you need. For instance, if your total wattage requirement is 1800W, look for a generator rated at 2000W. This added capacity will allow you to use one more appliance in emergencies.

  • Fuel use

Most small generators require gasoline or diesel to function. Gas generators are generally more powerful and better for cold seasons, while diesel generators can operate for extended periods. Therefore, choose the fuel type that suits your needs best.

You will also find portable generators that can be charged with solar panels, taking only about six hours for a full charge. This is an excellent option if you want to save on fuel expenses; however, be ready to pay a little extra upfront.

  • Receptacles

Finally, choose a generator with enough receptacles for your intended use. Generally, small generators will have about two to three outlets capable of supplying 120V or 240V power.

However, more advanced generators will be able to accommodate newer devices, such as USB-C gaming consoles and USB-A phone chargers.

  • Safety features

You’ll need all the safety you can get when dealing with electrical appliances. As a result, it’s best to find generators with modern safety features, like short-circuit and surge protection. In addition, some products come with LED indicators to inform you of their current power status.


Don’t forget to purchase your small 240-volt generators from a reliable electronics supplier. You can buy the products online for a more convenient shopping experience and have them delivered to you as soon as necessary.

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