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69% of users prefer phone support, according to Hubspot. Despite the rise of live chat, chatbots, self-service, and other platforms, customers still prefer phone help. However, 95 percent of respondents think customer service greatly affects whether they would stay loyal to the business, and 61 percent say they would transfer firms if they had a bad experience. Microsoft supplies us.

Excellent phone service can set you apart whether you're an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar store or a cutting-edge online business. This article will explain how to use efficient cloud call center software.

What Features Should a Cloud Call Center Software have?

Efficiency, agent productivity, cost savings, training efficacy, and customer happiness may all see significant boosts with the right call center software. However, you can only enjoy these rewards if you use advanced software. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

Integration of CRM

Agents can provide more tailored assistance to customers when they have more information about them. By connecting your contact center and CRM systems, your agents will have access to vital client data such as names, products/services used, prior interactions, active complaints, and more. Integration with Zoho, HubSpot, Vtiger, Salesforce, and more is as simple as clicking a button using Office24by7.

IVR software

Self-service and call routing are two of the most important uses for IVR. Customers may receive answers to frequently asked queries, including account balances, credit card balances, appointment confirmations, and more, by using an interactive voice response (IVR)-based self-service menu. By doing so, you may handle most customer inquiries without ever needing to speak to an agent. To illustrate, by using Office24by7's IVR service, Redbus reduced ticket cancellation costs by Rs. 3 million. Here is the full case study for your reading pleasure. Based on the caller's selection from a recorded menu, calls may be routed to the appropriate representative.

Analytical reports and data

A company's bottom line may be significantly influenced by customer service. Call center solution efficiency can be improved with the right data, but not without it. Your contact center's software must analyze metrics like call volume, call duration, wait time, customer satisfaction, agent productivity, etc. It's useful to have daily data detailing the number of calls received by the firm and specific agents or teams inside the organization.

Remote availability

It's important for call center software personnel to be able to operate remotely, whether that means from home or the field. Thus, your cloud call center software must be compatible with remote access. This needs to:

  • To need little in the way of initial funding and setup time

  • Flexibility in sizing up or down in real-time

  • To safeguard the privacy of your employees and your clients, let them make calls straight from their mobile phones.

  • Such tools as multi-tiered interactive voice response systems, call recording and routing systems, auto-dialers, and so on are included.

  • Help people see what's going on using high-tech reporting and analytics.

Redirecting calls intelligently

An interactive voice response system may redirect calls depending on individual consumer preferences. If a user specifies Hindi as their preferred language, the IVR will connect them with a representative who is fluent in Hindi. In contrast, clever Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) features may recognize who the caller is based on a set of criteria and direct them to the appropriate department. You may choose between sequential, equal, emergency, and preferred agent routing using Office24by7's ACD solution.

Record phone calls.

Call recording is useful for many purposes, including education, regulatory compliance, problem-solving, and customer satisfaction. Both incoming and outgoing calls should be recorded automatically, with the option to record just the calls you desire. More importantly, your staff should be able to listen to and download these calls whenever they choose. All calls made to Office24by7 are recorded and kept for six months from the day the call was made.


Confidential client information is stored and managed in enormous quantities by cloud call centers. Data encryption, firewalls, user authentication, and other similar safeguards are essential for contact center software. It's also important that it's compliant so that you're not at risk of breaking any laws.

A contact center software with the capabilities above is essential to provide first-rate customer support. Managing your remote sales and support conversations is a breeze with Office24by7's feature-rich Cloud Call Center Software, which can be set up in just a few clicks. Reserve a demonstration of Office24by7's contact center software to see how it may benefit your company.

Multi-channel assistance

Teams providing customer support employ various communication methods, including text, instant, email, live chat, and telephone. Users expect continuous service regardless of the channel they first used to contact a company. Multiple studies have shown that unified customer service may boost front-line productivity and lessen client disputes. (Hubspot is the source) Ideally, cloud call center software would provide agents with a unified interface to manage all client interactions across channels.

Automation and artificial intelligence

Automated features in call center software let staff focus on more valuable activities while reducing time spent on routine ones.

  • Calls may be efficiently routed with intelligent IVRs.

  • Artificial intelligence chatbots can provide instantaneous answers to frequent questions.

  • Analytics solutions not only improve transparency but also enable capacity planning by predicting future requirements.

  • Reporting systems based on artificial intelligence may also recognize keywords from real-time and recorded conversations.


What the auto-dialer does is exactly what it sounds like it does: it calls a predetermined list of phone numbers and forwards the call to an agent as soon as the recipient picks up. Agents no longer have to waste time looking for numbers, dialing them one by one, waiting for the phone to ring, or leaving voicemails when they go unanswered, all thanks to auto-dialing technology.

Wrapping It Up

If you are on the lookout for a call center solution for your organization, then Office24by7 has to be the one. Contact us on +91 7097171717 for more details.


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