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I am sick of the whole I like big books thing. I find it a bit ironic since I've heard people say they like them yet they have a funny way of showing it. Since I'm me and I'm curious I often check to see what a person considers a big book. I've come to the conclusion that people who mostly read young adult consider a smaller book to be long as opposed to me. I don't fixate on book numbers since I'm more interested in what the book is about. Two examples of books being called so long are 382 pages and 448 pages. What?

Give this saying back to the butts. I'm so over it just like the whole what happens in Vegas bullshit. I can't be the only one that's sick of that saying that has been beaten to death. Ha ha what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Whatever. Do people really like big books? From what I can tell it seems like more people are interested in the number of books read as opposed to books they enjoy. There's no gold medal for most books read in a year. You're not going to get a cookie or a gold star for finishing a book in one setting. I just don't understand why people do that. I understand that being possible if the book is short but not if a book is like six hundred pages. What is the point of doing that? I can read a Sweet Valley High book in one day or even two but that's because they are super short books. Also young adult and middle grade are going to be read faster than adult.

I've noticed that since I've ventured into the online world of people who read books that I've actually read more books that I don't like as opposed to just finding books on my own. Sure I like being able to hear about other books but unlike other people I make up my own mind. That doesn't seem to be the case for other people. I just find it strange that a person would decide to not read a book because the number rating isn't good enough. You do realize that everyone isn't going to feel the same way about a book don't you? I also find it baffling to be randomly watching a unhaul where the person is holding a book they plan to get rid of because they heard bad things about it. Uh you're holding the book in your hand why don't you open it up and see what you think instead of going by what other people say about it? You might find out that you love the book. The only way you're going to know for sure is to read it yourself.

The whole thing just baffles me because it seems like people rely very heavily on Goodreads. I get it to an extent but I'm not letting a website dictate to me what I will read. Sure I've looked up books that I hear about but I decide for myself whether or not I'm going to read it regardless of what the reviewers are saying. All too often  things go sideways on that site and people decide to attack an author. It's like they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. I'm iffy about reviews on there because of that mob mentality. Of course there are legit ones but with all the garbage I've seen on there this site just isn't my go to site when it comes to books. By the way I say what I really think about a book and even though I don't give many five stars I think I probably am generous more than I should be. I totally get the appeal of buying books  but maybe some people should take advantage of having a sample sent to your phone to see if you actually like the book before buying it or see about getting it from the library. Also try to avoid getting sucked into the hype since that can be very disappointing if your hopes are up too high.

Maybe I just see it from a different view because I don't have the money to run out and buy new books or any book that catches my fancy. I've used the library all of my life and no one ever gave me books for birthday presents or whatever. I have to get used books or find deals on new books or take advantage of sites like Book Outlet along with checking books out from the library. My biggest disappointments of the year were all thankfully checked out from the library which is great because I didn't waste my money on books I didn't like. I just don't obsess over the number of pages in a book. I also don't consider five hundred pages to be a big book. That's like a medium sized book while eight hundred pages is a big book. Also certain books read faster so even if it is longer it might take quicker to read. Don't rush your way through a book. That's as ridiculous as shoving the pizza down your throat without enjoying the taste of it. Also you're more likely to choke if you're inhaling pizza.

​Does it really matter how long it takes you to read a book? No it doesn't unless you're reading it for school. Enjoy the book. Do people who read books in one sitting really enjoy the book or is it all about competing for most books read? The only reason I've kind of been keeping track is out of curiosity not because I want to beat some record. I know it probably isn't but sometimes when a person says I finished this book in one setting it can come across as bragging. Guess what I might have read the exact same book faster than you but did it over a course of a couple of days or a week because I don't give a crap about how long it takes me to read a book. Since my back kills me when I'm sitting in front of a computer too long I'll admit that I venture to Booktube more since I can watch it in a comfortable spot. If anyone actually read this post to the end and has any suggestions for book blogs for me to check out I'm all ears.

Do you speed your way through books? Does the rating on a book sway your decision?


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