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In products like paints, polymers, and rubber, feldspars are also utilised as extenders and fillers. Good dispersibility, strong chemical inertness, constant pH, great resistance to abrasion, low viscosity at high filler loading, an intriguing refractive index, and resistance to icing are all advantageous F qualities. Products are typically fine-milled grades in these applications.

Glazes and frits for enamel: Feldspar  aids in the composition of enamel, guaranteeing the lack of flaws and the neatness of the finished item, such as enamel frits, ceramic glazes, sanitary appliances, dinnerware, electrical porcelain, and giftware are all made of ceramic. F is the primary component in the body composition used in the flooring industry. It serves as a flux, decreasing a ceramic body's vitrifying temperature during fire and creating a glassy phase. Surface The remaining solid particles are drawn together under strain, densifying the ceramic body. The alkalis grow more active as the temperature rises and first dissolve the clay particles, then the free silica.

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