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Recently, Ferrari officially announced that it will return to the 2023 WEC World Endurance Championship and participate in the LMH category in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In addition, according to this news, it can also be inferred that the products used by Ferrari to participate in the LMH category are most likely to be the racing version of the new flagship sports car and the successor to LaFerrari. There have been rumors that Ferrari will be in the near future. A new flagship model was launched in 2016, and Ferrari’s chief marketing officer Enrico Galliera also said in 2019: “Ferrari is studying the next generation of new flagship sports cars, which may come out after 2022.”

The last time Ferrari participated in an endurance race was in 1973, when Ferrari's racing driver Matra-Simca won first place in the 1973 Le Mans race, and then It was 1965, and that was the last time Ferrari won the Le Mans Grand Prix. After that, the most well-known one was “Ford vs. Ferrari”, which was also remade into a movie. At that time, Ferrari's 333 SP Le Mans did not bring Ferrari a victory.

Since then, in the following decades, Ferrari completely stopped the research and development of prototype cars and GT sports cars, and began to focus on F1 events. The legendary driver Niki Lauda we know has played for Ferrari during this time and won Won a lot of championships and season championships. However, due to the fact that Ferrari has become less popular in F1 in recent years, and according to the new F1 rules, the team budget has also begun to be restricted, which has caused Ferrari to start redeploying its own racing plan, so Le Mans is the best venue stage.

So for the production version of the flagship sports car of this participating vehicle, Ferrari Chief Marketing Officer Enrico Galliera (Enrico Galliera) hinted: “Ferrari's next-generation super sports car will not rely on the plug-in hybrid on the new SF90 model. Power system. This V8 hybrid is only available for SF90 series models. The flagship model will still have its own power system.”

In addition, there is news that the design concept of Ferrari's next-generation supercar will be mainly reflected in weight reduction, handling and powerful aerodynamics. The most exciting thing is that, according to reliable sources, Ferrari is continuing to develop a 6.5-liter V12 engine, which is likely to be used in the next generation of flagship models and participating vehicles, and electrification will also be combined with it. In terms of the size of the model and the weight of the power system, Ferrari's research and development for heavy electrification should still be based on V8 or even smaller engines.

In any case, this is very happy news for car fans, and the participation of a big manufacturer like Ferrari will also increase the appreciation of the Le Mans race, and Maserati officially said that it will return to the Le Mans race, which allows The majority of racing fans are looking forward to it.(More: wuling almaz harga)


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