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The rivalry between Ferrari and Lamborghini is legendary. Both their car companies are famous around the world because of their high performance and stylish sports cars. But both of them are actually very different from each other. Ferrari is 73 years old and 17 years older than Lamborghini. Both these brands are from Italy. Ferrari’s revealing horse and Lamborghini’s Powerful Bull are always in eternal competition. Both vehicles are known for their fast, furious and exotic image. 

Style and Designing

When it comes to style and design, both Ferrari and Lamborghini are clearly different from each other, Ferrari is elegant while Lamborghini is flashy. Ferrari is a sports car with aerodynamic features, sweeping bodywork which allow the vehicle to move through the air with comfort. 

While Lamborghini has external aerodynamic features with sharp edges. Their designs are much louder and less delicate. At Quick Fit Auto Center, we are setting new standards for Lamborghini Workshop in Dubai providing excellent services that are up to the mark. 


Ferrari makes the most of its powertrains that no Lamborghini does. Ferrari is much more powerful than Lamborghini. The Ferrari engine lineup presently is V8 and V12, while the current Lamborghini engine lineup consists of V8, V10, and V12. Ferrari has the most naturally aspirated power engine of all times: 789-hp 6.5L V12. Ferrari is no doubt more powerful. From Lamborghini.


Ferrari and Lamborghini are built with meticulous craftsmanship. Lamborghini interiors are made up of Spartan affairs, more functional than comfortable. While every Ferrari is built with comfort, convenience, and function. 

Current models of Ferrari and Lamborghini

Ferrari never stops competing with its rival even after much less success in Formula 1. The car continues to produce new, innovative, and variant models and winning the hearts of millions of fans. Currently, Ferrari has 10 main models some of which include: The 812 Superfast, GTC4 Lusso, 488 GTB, and Portofino.

Current Models of Lamborghini

Lamborghini is now selling more models than ever before. Currently, there are three series-production models of Lamborghini and they are totally different from each other. The Urus, the Huracan, and the Avendator. 

What’s coming up next from Ferrari?

Like Lamborghini, Ferrari is executing electrification for the next round of sports cars. Almost 60 percent of its vehicle range will be amalgamated by 2020 and all models will gain electrical help before 2025. Ferrari is planning to expand its model range considerably. The company has announced that it will adopt semi-autonomous technologies but also claims that it will maintain the pleasure of driving. 

What’s coming up next in Lamborghini?

Lamborghini has decided to launch naturally aspirated and 12-cylinder engines, but to do so they need to adopt electric assistance. Even by using carbon Fiber and its patented forged composites, the additional immensity of electric motors and batteries will influence the performance. 


When it comes to looks and style, you can go either way, both car companies make stunning and incredible cars. Both are different in their own way offering variant features. It’s your choice, which one you choose to be the best. 



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