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Ferrotitanium Producers and Uses

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Although it can also be created directly from titanium mineral concentrates, ferrotitanium is often created by induction melting titanium scrap with iron or steel. Ferro Titanium is often found in grades of 30% and 70% Ti.

Uses of ferrotitanium 

In the process of making steel, ferro titanium is utilised as a deoxidizing and degassing element. Ferro Titanium has a fundamentally preferred deoxidizing limit over silicon or manganese. Due to the metal's increased strength and corrosion resistance, Ferro Titanium significantly improves the mechanical properties of steel.

Since titanium metal adheres well to the bone, it has been used in surgical procedures for dental implants and joint replacements, particularly the hip. Titanium(IV) oxide is the type of titanium that is most commonly used. It is widely used as a pigment in paper, plastics, enamels, artists' paint, and house paint.

Iron is significantly stronger than titanium, which is also lighter. It is therefore perfect for use in a variety of settings, such as spaceships and aircraft. Additionally, titanium is significantly more corrosion-resistant than iron.

Type of Ferro Titanium

Grade 4 is the strongest of commercially pure Ferro Titanium is known as grade 4. It is also renowned for its superior formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance. Grade 4 titanium has recently established a place in the medical industry, while typically being utilised in the following industrial applications.

Due to its widespread availability, grade 2 titanium is cheaper than other grades. The typical product forms range from plate and wire through bar and billet. Although it also has uses in power generation, it shares many of the same applications as grade 1 titanium.

The iron and steel industries, which make up its major clients, are connected to the ferroalloy sector. Ferroalloys play crucial roles in the processes of producing iron and steel by adding specific properties to cast iron and steel. Chromium, manganese, and silicon are the primary parts of ferroalloys. 

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