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Festive Cricut Christmas Ideas to Sell: Boost Your Sales in 2023

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Being a craft seller, I have been selling Cricut crafts for many years. I know how and what to make that sells high and quickly. Selling is an art, and if you understand it, then you can sell as much as you want. So, Christmas is arriving soon, and I have come up with several festive Cricut Christmas ideas to sell for successful sales.

Be it gifts or other decorative items, the demand for these things is always high. Therefore, no one should miss this golden opportunity as it can earn you a good amount of money. That’s why I am here to help you with my expertise as a craft seller. In this blog, I am going to share my previous projects or goods that I have sold till now.

Plus, all of these Christmas-related things can be made using the Cricut cutting machine. Want to know what projects those are? Let’s have a look.

1.  Merry Christmas T-shirts/Hoodie

This year, the Merry Christmas T-shirt is one of the best Cricut Christmas ideas to sell. You can try some more catchy phrases or graphics images and print them using your Cricut machine. Also, you can add text like “Merry Christmas” in different colored shirts.

Also, you can add this text to the hoodie because, in the winter season, hoodies are in high demand. So, you must take a chance to sell both T-shirts and hoodies.

2.  Digital Christmas Files

If you are a Cricut user and have a lot of collections on Christmas, then you can sell digital Cricut files. Today, there are many online buyers available on platforms like Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers. On this platform, you can use SVG Cricut files that anyone can use for their own projects. Due to its high demand, digital content is the best Cricut Christmas idea to Sell.

3.  Christmas Gift Card Holder

I always feel weird handing someone a gift card, especially when it is only a gift card. However, when you use a cute wrapper to wrap the gift, it looks extraordinary. Therefore, you must create these and sell them on an online portal to earn extra money. With your Cricut machine, you can cut several materials, so use materials suitable for every buyer.

4.  Christmas Gift Bags

Gifting someone a gift without a bag looks impersonal. Hence, I prefer to carry a bag. But when this is a special occasion, such as Christmas, I always try to use a personalized gift bag. This handy can be quickly personalized using the Cricut cutting machine. So, produce more such bags and sell them wherever you want.

5.  Custom Gift Tags

Gift tags are easy to personalize and make using any Cricut cutting machine. With this advanced device, you can add eye-catching phrases that attract customers and people at the same time. Besides, you have just to create a pattern, then itr will be easy to add anything that you want to your gift tags. Despite Christmas, gift tags can be sold on a normal day.

6.  Christmas Coasters

There are many Cricut Christmas ideas to sell. One of them is Christmas coasters. Also, this is the best way to gift someone. I love useful gifts so much and always prefer to gift someone because it doesn’t go to waste. Since it is most widely used, consider adding this item to your selling lists. 

7.  Paper Christmas Wreath

Sell this amazing Christmas paper wreath made with Cricut. See how beautiful it looks in the above picture. This foliage wreath is visibly attractive. Also, the Cricut Design Space app has a lot of elements that can help you with various projects. So, simply start your Cricut machine and make this beautiful-looking paper wreath. So, you can try these Cricut Christmas ideas to sell hassle-free.


Question 1: What are the best Christmas Cricut ideas to sell?

Answer: Selling is an art, and you must understand what your customer wants from you. For this, you have to understand what’s going on in the trend. Then, try to make those gifts or projects for Christmas that you can sell high in numbers. Below, I am providing a few Christmas ideas that you can sell easily:

  1. Christmas Ornaments
  2. Soap & Candles
  3. Handmade Stockings
  4. Gift Baskets Mini Christmas Trees
  5. Handmade Christmas Clothes
  6. Wall Art

Question 2: What Cricut Christmas projects should I make to earn money?

Answer: Cricut cutting machines are a powerful tool that is used for various purposes. However, you can also make a wide range of projects/gifts for your Christmas. To make such projects, have a look at the below list of items:

  1. Ornaments
  2. Water bottle decals
  3. Wall Decor
  4. Faux leather earrings
  5. T-shirts and sweatshirts
  6. Bumper stickers
  7. Wood signs
  8. Gift tags
  9. Oven mitts and potholders
  10. Pillow covers

Question 3: What can I make with my Cricut Explore Air 2 for Christmas?

Answer: There are many types of ornaments you can make using your Cricut Explore Air 2. They are Reindeer hot chocolate, Gingerbread, Snowflake, I’m Snow Cute, and Snowman. Besides, you can also make gift wrap, gift tags, Christmas tea towels, 3D paper snowflakes,

Cricut treat boxes, Custom Christmas pillows, wine bottle bags, coasters, etc.

Final Thoughts

In short, I have mentioned 7 best Cricut Christmas ideas to sell in this blog. The projects I have mentioned in this blog can help you earn a good amount of extra money. However, as a craft seller, I would recommend you go for personalized T-shirts or other objects because they have a high potential to be sold. Despite personalized gifts, you can also sell gift card holders, which are in high demand. Lastly, you should focus on what people want instead of what you like.

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