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FIFA 22 promises the next technology in virtual football

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 The excruciating match commentary has returned with a vengeance, but after hearing “he beat it to death with FIFA 23 Coins aplomb” one too many times I was excitedly reminding myself that this time you have the option of turning it all off and begin to repair the years of mental damage due to all the criticism of your style of play.

This lets you blast the typically dazzling soundtrack, that includes Bad Bunny bangers and underground Earworms from DOSS as well as Cryalot. There's something about squeezing in an assist from Bruno Guimar?es while listening to brutal German Drill that will make the grind of a bad Career Mode season much more acceptable.

Beyond the moment-to-moment gameplay, FIFA 23 predictably focuses its updates on the mode that earns EA more money. The microtransaction-ridden Ultimate Team is flush with additions, but Career Mode and Volta Football barely get a look-in, which says much about EA's long-standing attitude to these modes, especially in this supposedly ornamental final FIFA-branded entry.

This is the same issue that we've had regarding Madden NFL 23 and NBA 2K23: despite how we dislike how they alter the field of play towards the player who pays the most, so many people are playing and spending on it that EA is constantly doubling down on it, instead of the balanced and fair models we prefer.

FIFA 22 promises the next technology in virtual football and , while it's not re-inventing the ball it does make the attacking and defensive gameplay is fluid from moment-to-moment. The occasional blunders in goalkeeping and inconsistencies with the visual aside the game of FIFA is still one of the most intricate and enjoyable multiplayer sports games on the market. Additionally, the new features across Career Mode and Volta Football have made FIFA's major modes more enjoyable to play.

Microtransactions continue to be a huge issue, but small iterative changes and the performance of the new generation consoles have made FIFA 22 feel like a worthy upgrade, without needing any groundbreaking or exciting features from FUT 23 Coins perspective. — Jordan Oloman, September 27 2021





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