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In 2017, the EPA announced that tap water in the San Francisco Bay Area contained 13 contaminants above the recommended limit. These contaminants included arsenic, bromodichloromethane, bromate, bromoform, chlorate, and chloroform, among several other heavy metals. The source of contamination isn’t fully understood and the dangers represented by the contaminants is also unclear.

But there is essentially no downside to investing in a reverse osmosis and carbon pellets water filter. Charcoal filters are relatively inexpensive and require little maintenance. The result will be even cleaner, safer, and tastier drinking water for you and your family.

Mercury toxicity is serious. Did you know the Mad Hatter character in Alice in Wonderland was driven ”mad” by the mercury used by milliners (hatmakers)? Today we realize that mercury is incredibly dangerous. But did you know that most people keep mercury in their mouth 24/7/365?

That’s right: mercury amalgam (a.k.a. “silver”) fillings contain mercury. Over time this mercury can leach out into the body. granular activated carbon manufacturer As a SMART-certified dentist, I am able to help patients safely remove toxic mercury from their mouths and replace fillings with healthy biocompatible composite fillings.

You should understand that mercury toxicity is cumulative. That means mercury builds up in the body over time. People who eat diets rich in fish like tuna or swordfish may have high levels of mercury due to the accumulated toxins. Activated charcoal can bind to the mercury in your body and eliminate it from your system.


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