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Filament of Solemnity and Nobility | Sparkly Blue PLA

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For every 3D printing lover, to select a proper 3D printer is quite the most primary factor to think about. The better-quality machine you have, the finer models you are able to print. And yet, filament is of equal importance as the machine itself. Without a fine-quality filament, there will still exist a stumbling block in your printing works.

In most recent years, 3D printing technology has gained its momentum and already come out of nowhere, with various innovation constantly boosting in this area. 3D printing filament, as the basic material for 3D printing works, directly or indirectly reflects the quality of the finished models. As a saying goes, a fine horse deserves a well-made saddle, so does a 3D printer. While pursuing the better promotion of the quality of FDM 3D printer series, Geeetech also constantly perfect its series of filament.

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In this article, I would love to introduce and recommend a Filament of Noble Color- Sparkly Blue, or let’s say Nebulas Blue, and would love to demonstrate the reason why I would highly recommend the sparkly blue filament for you to apply in the 3D printing work.

Why Does This Color Look Noble?

From the “Color of Slave” to “Color of Noble Fashion”

The ancient Romans regarded the color blue as a barbaric color and during the Roman Republic, only slaves would dress themselves in blue while the noble disdained over it. In the 12th and 13th centuries, Nebulas Blue gained its popularity and people began to vigorously pursue this color. This frantic trend was started by the Virgin Mary, the greatest mother in the world. At that time, Christianity regarded God as the god of light, and the light comes from the deeper cosmos. In this observation, light was long imagined as blue. Artists in western regions commenced portraying Virgin Mary in blue cloth. Since then, Nebulas Blue went viral and gained the admiration from the folk.

The Color of Rationality

Nowadays, the color blue has become the representative and symbol of simplicity and rationality, it gives off a sense of mystery, romance and elegance. Some international institutions choose blue as their main color on logo, such as UN, UNESCO, ECC, EU and so on.

Nebulas Blue Applying in Fashion Trend


Mysterious, Romantic and Elegant, this sparkly PLA filament is highly recommended for sparking your creation. Recently, we have printed two wonderful gadgets out of this series filament and they were all printed by Geeetech printer.

The Model of Cthulhu Style

Delicate printed with marvelously noble color, this gadget with its frowning and solemn look is quite vivid, if you grab a closer observation on him, he will just stare at you back with his seemingly authentic eyes.

The Model of Swan



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