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If this theory holds true, wouldn't color blindness be more  Vision 20 Review prevalent in humans living in Africa since there are wild animals who might occasionally snack on humans. You know like Tigers who can stalk their prey and while hiding in the bushes then run them down and eat them. Remember there are more large man-eating game animals there in Africa. And I suppose in the past there were too, you know like the Saber Toothed Tigers.

In areas of the rain forest seeing color is important so you do not end up eating something you thought was a piece of fruit and then dying because it was poisonous. Maybe this is why most animals in the rain forest do see color. And since they do, other animals have developed organic or natural camouflage strategies with their genes.

It is interesting that color-blindness only happens in about 1.200 women and about 1.10 men. Why are men more apt to be colorblind than women. Did it help them hunt, help them from getting eaten while hunting, help them in battle. Something to consider, there must be a better reason for all this as that is a completely skewed difference between men and women. What else can our history, and genes tell us about color blindness – it seems we have many questions on this and not enough sufficient answers.

Lots of studies, and a few theories, but not enough definite knowledge which is easy to find – maybe this is something you've considered recently. Conjunctiva is a thin membrane which is transparent and also covers the front of the eye. When there is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, it refers to conjunctivitis. It is a common form of eye trouble and referred to as having ‘sore eyes'.



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