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Find out the difference between Web Design and Web Development before you plan to invest

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Not many of us know about the difference between web design and website development in detail. Some of us may consider them to be similar aspects, but they are not similar terms. If you are planning to invest in web designing or development, it is important to know the differences between the two. It will help you invest smartly and get maximum ROI.

To understand the differences let us have a look at web design Vs web development. Also to understand the comparison better we need to dive into the role of Web Designer vs Web Developer as well

Web Design

Well, web design is about the aesthetic appeal of the website and its usability. When it comes to designing, web designers use different design programs like Adobe Photoshop to design the layout and several visual components of the website.

The web designers bring an idea on screen with visually impressive design. They utilize the layout to create a strong user experience through the website.

The look & feel is the design of any website. The web designer creates the web design before a developer starts working on it.

While knowing about the role of Web Designer vs Web Developer, the role of a web designer is sometimes underrated. But, they have a crucial role to play in the whole process of web development. They convert an idea into a practical design and friendly interface to grab the user’s attention.

A web designer implements a well-planned design strategy in the initial stages of the project. They envision your idea in their mind before they sketch the design and bring it on screen.

1. Role Of A Web Designer

  • Use software tools to create layout design of a particular website with Adobe Photoshop etc
  • Possesses excellent logo design and graphic skills
  • Understands how user experience can be improved. The designer works on buttons, layouts, images, and the overall format of the website.
  • Web designers also consider the branding of a specific website, decide on the color palettes, etc

Web Development


When it comes to Web Designer vs Web Developer, the role of web developers is to make the designs live. The developers use different programming languages and tools to develop the functionality and design of a website.

The web developers engage in coding which makes the bespoke web development functional. They write code to help a website run smoothly. They use different programming languages for coding to make the site run faster. Web developers write code that makes the site behave the way they want to. They work closely with the designer to manage the website's functioning.

You will find the developers in different roles like back-end and front-end developers. Front-end developers have to closely work with web designers as well as back-end developers.

The role of a front-end developer is to create an interface and provide a layout to facilitate the communication between the back-end of the website and users.

Some of the main languages used by Front end developers for web design company usa are

  • JavaScript (JS)
  • HTML
  • CSS

The above languages help the developer create a complete website

Back-end developers manage the server data and the requests. Normally, the need for back-end services for a website arises only when it comprises dynamic data.

1. Role Of A Web Developer

  • Creating a real interface for the users to connect with the website
  • Web developers use different frameworks and tools to accelerate the development process
  • Web developers offer markup design for back-end developers to implement in a dynamic website. It helps post required data on the databases and server.

How To Find A Professional Website Development Company?

To find a professional website development company, you need to do some research work. Create a list of companies that you would consider for web development services.

Shortlist the companies that you want to contact. You can search the web to get the best web application development company Check the rankings, online reputation, website design to know more about each company you have shortlisted.

Check their portfolio as the portfolio will give you a fair idea of the projects that the company has worked on. Make sure they have experience developing websites that match your niche.

Also, do not forget to check their reviews. Ask for work samples and references too. Check if they have the right team expertise to work on your project. Make sure they collaborate and communicate well. After you decide to invest in a web development service, make sure there are no hidden costs apart from the quoted price. It may result in unexpected costs that you may have to bear.

How Much It Would Cost For e-Commerce Website Development?

Well, the cost of e-Commerce Website Development depends on your business requirements. Also, the cost can vary depending on the features you want to integrate into your website.

If you are searching for a reliable web development company to work on your project, get in touch with Webfox to discuss your vision. We will analyse your business requirements and offer affordable website development solutions to match your budget. Our team of expert designers and developers can convert your vision into an interactive website. Request for a quote to get a better understanding of the development cost!


In a discussion on Web Design VS Web Development, we also highlighted Web Designer vs Web Developer which comes naturally. Both the developer and designer have vital roles to play. Their roles are different but together they make impressive websites. Both design and development contribute to an intuitive website. Collaboration is essential for effective websites.


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