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One simple and instant way to add a new style to your living room is by changing the lamp shades of your lamp. When you have functions or parties, you can elevate the room décor using the above trick. It’s a cost-effective solution. The decorative trick is best suitable for every home. However, it’s essential that you choose the right product. Lamp shades come in different shapes, colors, patterns, and fabrics. You should be smart and careful when purchasing lamp shades online in India. That’s because one can find numerous online stores selling products of different qualities. The product you select should last for a year or more. Now, choosing a perfect shade depends on many factors. It’s all about style. Perhaps, the shade you buy should perfectly fit on the lamp. It will draw the attention of guests and friends when they visit your home. So, here are some quick tips to choose the right shade. Follow these tips as they will help you to get the best every time.


Avoid buying the same style one:

The lamps will look beautiful with different types of shades and designs. So, don’t assume that only a specific design suit it. You can try different styles and notice how gorgeous they look. Do not buy the same design you have in the home. Sometimes people invest in a style or color similar to the existing one. Well, if you want to instantly lighten up the place or add a new dash of color without any modification, then buy unique lamp shades. 

Know the lamp base:

The next thing one should consider is the lamp base. Have a look at the base. See what shape it has?  It will help you make the right choice. If it’s round, then explore round table lamp shades. They go well and work best. If it has curves, then look for curved shades, if it’s straight, then go for shades with straight edges or angled. In general, choose a shade similar to your lamp base. For squares, you can explore square shades. However, curves and angle bases can hold any shape. So, before visiting a store, have a look at the lamp base and keep it in mind.

Room décor:

Consider the color and style of the room before buying standing lamp shades for your lamps. The color and design you choose can either break or make the room. Do you want it to be a focal point of the room? Or want to blend it with other furniture or wall color? Make sure the product you choose brightens up the place and goes well with the rest.

Amount of light:

Ask this question, how much light do you need in the room? If you require less light to reflect in the room, then go for dark shades. And if you need more light to reflect, then go for light shades. The decision will depend on the purpose of using lamps. For example- if the lamp is for reading purposes, then buy a shade that gives enough light to read. However, white shades give maximum illumination in the room.  You can explore varieties of standing lamp shades in the stores.

Choose a material:

You will find lampshades made from linen, silk, and cotton. They are trendy in the market. They come in many shapes. However, cotton is ideal for all seasons and a good choice. However, for pleasant looks consider buying silk shades. They are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. They are elegant and add a unique touch to the place.  

Bulb distance:

There should be enough distance between the shade and the bulb. Make sure the shade is big and maintains a distance of 2-3 inches from the bulb. That’s because if the bulb is very close to the shade, the shade may burn. Also, the shade you choose should allow the heat to escape. So, make sure the shade has a good height.

Shade size:

You have decided on the color and fabric. Well, now it’s time to decide the shade size. So, take your measurement tap and measure the lamp. Keep these points in mind- the shade you pick should be 2/3rd the height of the lamp base.  Never buy a very tall or very small shade. It will look uninteresting and out of balance. 


These are some tips to buy the right lamp shades for your room. If you have a stylish lamp, add a simple shade, and if a simple lamp goes for a modern, stylish or fancier type.


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