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Leading is challenging. The complexities and difficulties on the path to leadership are immense. It can frequently seem like navigating the boat while whitewater rafting: making difficult decisions, handling criticism, assisting people in reimagining the future, taking chances, speaking consistently with tact and wisdom, and gaining widespread support. However, leading is the finest method to discover God.  

Those who strive to find God are frequently referred to as spiritual leaders. As a result, spiritual leadership seeks to help others know God and honor Him in whatever they do. In order for others to praise God, which is the ultimate purpose of any spiritual leadership, they must first establish a relationship with him, and this can be achieved through prayer. As a result, they have the ability to increase community trust and spread awareness of God. 

To become a leader who can assist the community in leading the pathway to God, PLI leadership offers the best advice. There are a few essential approaches in this blog that can assist a learning leader in discovering God. 

Ways to Find God While Learning to Lead 


God is love, and the Holy Spirit that was given to us has poured forth God's love into our hearts. One cannot overemphasize the importance of expressing the strength and effect of God's love. Jesus alerted His followers that others would recognize them by their love. Every Christian and Christianity itself is based on love. Any leader who professes to be a Christian ought to be motivated in whatever they do by their love for God. May others see that leader's heart and intentions in this light. 

Be Modest

God calls anyone with a haughty heart “an abomination.” Being haughty does not serve to represent or show the interests of Christ. Instead, it is at odds with Christian authority. It is preferable to have a modest attitude toward the weak than to share the spoils with the arrogant. 

Spiritual Strength

The moment Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane immediately before His arrest is one of the most stunning illustrations of this. Jesus was aware of all He would experience, including torturous whipping and crucifixion. Christian leaders can imitate Jesus by pursuing God for strength and understanding of His desire. For all Christians, growing in righteousness is a lifetime process, and leaders need to set aside time for spiritual development. 


Good leaders inspire others rather than deceiving or taking advantage of them. Nehemiah inspired the populace to rebuild Jerusalem's walls with courage. He presented a strategy, assured the people of God's presence, and sketched forth a vision for the future. We manipulate and abuse individuals when we move them for our own gain. However, we inspire individuals when we call them to a greater purpose.  


Because they cause conflict, dumb and uneducated arguments must be avoided by leaders. And a servant of the Lord must be kind to everyone and avoid conflict. A leader might strive to comprehend others' temperaments, appreciate their worries, encourage their ambitions, and ultimately find the path to God. 

Following God’s Will

The Lord determines the course of action for a good leader after he seeks Him, commits to Him, and then makes a commitment to Him. When you want to live with a purpose-driven life by God, you must lay down your worldly life first. Although we may not fully comprehend what God is doing, we must believe that He wants the best for us. He has plans for us that go beyond our wildest dreams.  

The Bible provides us with different ways to live a life inspired by purpose. If you truly want materialistic things rather than pride and power, you should spend some time considering your priorities. Considering that nothing materialistic can be carried with us after death, concentrating on fleeting pleasures is pointless. 

Give God’s Purpose to Life

We shall understand how to honor God in everything if we learn to live a life that is centered on God. We may live a life that is driven by the purpose for God in this way. When your only goal in life is to fulfill the wishes of God for those around you. 

Follow your Heart

Allow God to direct your steps and believe in the dreams He gives you. Recognize that He will qualify you and trust that He will assist you in realizing whatever dreams He has set in your heart so that He may be exalted in the process.  

The methods listed above are just a handful that can assist a leader in leading people closer to God while they are learning. With a goal to train students as servant leaders for lifelong learning, PLI Leaders provides leaders programs that are grounded on Christ-centered principles and support. To learn more about the programs suitable for beginning or advancing your career in a Christian leadership field, get in touch with PLI Leaders.


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