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The role of a licensed real estate agent is to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers and to act as their legal representative during the negotiating process. The common way for paying real estate brokers is through a commision, which is sometimes represented as a percentage of the sale price. Commission rates for agents vary by jurisdiction and brokerage.

What does a real estate agent do?

Agents in the real estate industry hold valid licenses and often report to a broker. Although a real estate agent’s task may vary depending on whether they represent the buyer or the seller, all agents have a common set of obligations, including paperwork, investigation, and promotion.

  • Do routine office duties such as responding to calls and emails.
  • Arrange showings and demonstrations by setting up appointments
  • Please refresh the property listings.
  • Provide documentation that you have drafted and sent out.
  • Send in a request for materials
  • Study: Analyze the housing market
  • Look for available homes by browsing active listings.
  • Take charge of their digital profiles and network with local companies and potential customers.
  • Promote your products and services
  • Create an online journal or portfolio

While trying to sell a house, what exactly does a real estate agent do?

The typical procedure for a seller who intends to list their home for sale is to contact a real estate agent. The real estate agent's responsibility is to protect the interests of the seller by pricing the home competitively, listing it on the market, and attracting potential buyers.

Key functions and responsibilities of a real estate agent dealing with sellers include:

  • Do some market research to come up with a fair asking price.
  • Determine the property's strongest selling characteristics and the area’s most in need of improvement within the context of the surrounding area.
  • To increase the likelihood of a sale, it is recommended that the home be staged.
  • Promote residential or commercial properties to attract potential purchasers.
  • Manage the scheduling and execution of property open houses.
  • Create legal paperwork like offers, contracts, and settlement summaries
  • Talk to the parties involved, such as the appraiser, escrow company, lender, and inspector.

How can a realtor help a client looking to purchase a home?

Some people use the term “buyer's agent” to refer to a real estate agent who helps their customers sell a home, while others use the term “selling agent” to refer to the person who helps them acquire the property.

Those intending to buy residential or commercial real estate regularly consult agents in the real estate industry. Due to their familiarity with the market, real estate brokers are in a prime position to help buyers choose the homes that best suit their requirements.

While representing a buyer, a real estate agent is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Set up and manage house viewings
  • Set up get-togethers between potential buyers
  • Talk to potential buyers to find out what they're searching for in a home.
  • Display your home by setting up viewings.
  • Manage the process of evaluation and auditing.
  • Conciliate the seller's and buyer's demand for property repair proposals.
  • Create and examine legal papers
  • Facilitate the closing by acting as the buyer's agent.

What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

Before the closing date, it is customary to conduct a last inspection of the property to check for damage. Unless additional parties, such as attorneys and title or escrow agents, are required by law to be present at the signing, the agent also conducts all discussions. Negotiating agreements and reviewing them for accuracy and mistakes are among the agent's responsibilities.


When looking for your ideal house, having a real estate professional, you can put your faith in may make all the difference. They know the ins and outs of the property industry and can help you find the perfect place that fits your requirements and preferences. Also, as they are in the business for many years, they know all the legalities that you do not. Also, they can help you with the loopholes as well. So, if you're interested in purchasing a property, working with a reliable real estate agent is in your best interest.


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