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Recently, the perfidious Dr. Giovanni reunited with Shinra during the recent journey into the depths of Nether. The Evangelist-loyal Dr. Forced the young Fire Soldier to question an Adolla Link. Since he is aware that the link is only possible between those in contact with Adolla or with Adolla Burst, Shinra can’t help but wonder about the connection between him and Company 7’s Konro. He soon lets Captain Obi know about his earlier Adolla Link with Konro. He then heads to Asakura along with Captain Hibana to question Company 7’s lieutenant. Hibana finds Konro suspicious for some reason. Now that Konoro is the target of White-clad assassins, Shinra wants to know their reason for going after him.

Konro has tephrosia, a condition caused by the overuse of Ignition Ability by a pyrokinetic. The conditions make it difficult for a pyrokinetic to use their abilities once the disease takes its effect. Shinra and Hibana find Konro on the outskirts of town as the White-Clad assassin was attacking him. After defeating them, they talk about the time Konro faced the Adolla. 

When an Infernal Demon attacked Asuka, Konro’s tephrosis occurred at the same time. He describes the Demon as his mirror image, which had a similar body structure and identical Ignition Abilities. Once he became infernal, the Demon looked exactly like Konro. Once he was done defeating his doppelganger, Konro was surprised to see the blackened landscape when he returned to Adolla. He has carried the scars to this day.

While Shinra is busy figuring out the reasons that the White-Clad would attack Konro, Hibana discusses the mythos of doppelgängers. He says that the doppelgängers often try to attack and kill their counterparts. Interestingly, Shinra has already faced a potential doppelgänger in First Pillar and Sister Iris, but he is yet to realize it. Strangely, the connection between the First Pillar and Iris has not been explored much in the series so far. But it is evident that it holds the key to unlocking the truth of the doppelgängers and Evangelist’s plan.  

However, with the mysteries surrounding the events still unexplained, Arthur and Tamaki join Shinra for training with Benimaru Shinmon, the 7th’s captain. Tamaki plays a game of tag with Hikage and Hinata, the youngest members of Company 7. When the twins chase her, Tamaki starts thinking about people’s perception of her and her past shortcomings, which affects her self-confidence. Tamaki, however, successfully gets rid of her doubts and finally realizes her fiery feline best. She soon discovers her incredible potential that has been inhibited by her lack of confidence. Since the threat of the Evangelist is ever-present, it is essential for the Fire Force that everyone is at their best when they face their next challenge. 

Source: Fire Force: Doppelgängers, Future of Fire Force and Tamaki’s Self-Doubt


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