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As both a fashionable accessory and practical convenience, watches have come back in a big way. Part of that renewed appreciation for the iconic wristwatch is the enormous variety of styles and the functional features available. That means a whole new generation of watch enthusiasts are discovering everything there is to love about watches.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant gold watch for women or a practical digital watch for your fitness routine, the perfect timepiece is out there for you. If it’s your first time buying a watch, keep these five tips in mind to ensure you make the best selection that’s right for you.

Find Your Watch Online

Basically, it makes sense to buy your first watch online for the same reasons you already love online shopping for other products. You have access to a huge variety of watches you can choose from.

Do plenty of research because it’s essential to find a brand you can trust. Look for a brand online that has a long history of quality and reliability and offers a wide variety of digital and analog watches in many different design styles.

Consider Where You Plan to Wear Your Watch

Finding the right watch is often, though not always, more than finding a watch that simply looks right. The first question after deciding to get your first watch is to consider where you plan to wear it.

Is it a fun, vibrant accessory for nights out on the town or a professional dress watch you want to wear to the office? Do you want a stylish, rugged sport watch for high-octane outdoor adventures or a quirky, distinctive retro watch that shows off your unique personality and sensibility? When you know how you will use your watch most often, it can help narrow down your options.

Understand Different Watch Movements

Every first-time watch shopper should factor the movement and complexity of their future favorite watch into their decision. In other words, some watches have more features and functions than others.

The setting and upkeep features differ between all different watch types. Analog watches have a classic watch face and typically operate by mechanical movement. Digital watches display the time with digital numbers and use electronic movement. And automatic watches, also called winding” watches, have a classic face too, but they use the natural movement of the wearer’s wrist to move.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the differences between different models of those watch types. Learning the functions of virtually any watch you buy will likely be easy enough, but some can offer a smoother learning curve than others.

Look for Affordable, High-Quality Watches

Perhaps the most important tip, shop for a watch from a source that offers affordable, high-quality analog and digital watches. Stylish and reliable watches, whether they’re sport watches, retro models, or even dress watches, are much more accessible than you might think. All it takes is finding the right brand.

As a first-time watch buyer, there’s no need to stretch your budget just to find a trustworthy watch. You can’t go wrong with an established brand that puts people first and champions unmatched design quality.

Remember, Details Matter

Be sure to consider the details the watch you want might offer and how you’d like it to feel when you wear it.

Do you need a watch that’s water-resistant or has a luminous face for checking the time in the dark? What watch band material works best for you? How large and heavy do you want your watch to be?

Details like that can help you find the perfect first watch—one you’ll never forget.

About Armitron®

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