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Fish’s soccer Story for kids

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once upon a time, There was a village with a river full of water. The river was full of colorful fish. One day, the baby fishes were alone in the river, because their mothers and fathers had gone to the other side of the river to find food. The fishes were very bored. The little Fish were tired of chasing each other and playing hide and seek.

They were thinking about what other game they could play when one of them said:
Let’s have a swimming competition together. Whoever reaches the bridge over the river first is the winner.

Another said:
Ummmmmm! We follow each other and swim every day. I’m tired! Let’s play hide and seek under the rocks!

The next fish said:
We also played Hide and Seek yesterday! I don’t like it either!

At the same moment, a big round thing fell into the river!

The Fish were very scared. Each of them swam to a side and disappeared! The water in the river was quite muddy. No one moved until a few minutes later the water in the river was clean again and the little Fish slowly came out from behind the algae and rocks! They all looked at that big round thing!

Kids! Do you know what the baby fish did? They slowly approached the round thing. That object was neither a tree leaf, nor a garbage, nor a rock! One of the fish said:
Maybe it’s a shark! Maybe he raised his head so that we get close to him and then he eats us! Children! Run away! Escape!

With hearing this, the baby fishes ran away again and went behind the algae so that the shark would shake! Another fish said:
Guys! Sharks are not black and white! Their bodies are not so round!

The little fishes stayed behind the algae for a few hours and stared at the round and big thing! But it didn’t move at all and just went this way and that with the river wave. Children! Do you know what that big round black and white thing was? Think a little!

A round thing that is light and goes here and there! Yes! you guessed right! It was a ball! A cute ball!

Finally, the little fishes put aside their fear and went to the ball! One of the fish gathered his courage and hit the ball with his head! The ball bounced and bounced and stopped a little further!

The fishes liked the ball very much! They came forward one by one and hit it with their heads! Little by little they learned how to hit the ball correctly.

Now the Fish of the whole river had gathered and made two groups and were sending the ball to each other! Children! Do you know what the fish game was like? Yes! They were playing soccer together!

Finally, it was night and mommy Fish and daddy Fish came back! The little fishes did not want to give up their new game. But they should have slept! That’s why they decided to gather in the middle of the river early tomorrow morning and play with a ball!

The next morning, the children of the village gathered by the river to play soccer when they saw that their ball fell into the water! The children wanted to take off their ball, but they saw that their ball was shaking in the water! They went closer and saw that a lot of baby fish were playing with their ball!

They were taking turns hitting the ball and seemed very happy. The children also decided to give their balls to the fishes! Then they sat by the river and encouraged them!


Fish’s soccer




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