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Fitness Facts or Just Myths?

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In our day to day lives we keep across many people who have the tendency to provide a million pieces of advice related to health, finance and more. Keeping into consideration of the busy lifestyle people share, the high authorities sitting on Executive Office Chairs or Mesh Chairs, indeed do not conduct a proper lifestyle with every fitness need into their checklist because of their hectic schedule. Thus, for such people living their lives on their Mesh Chairs, people have 100 pieces of advice for them. Now which one to trust?

One hundred people, 100 pieces of advice. A lot of you must have heard all these at once. The problem arises when we start believing these and work in this form. We have listened to these so-called ‘certitudes’ so many times that we have accepted them as valid. What you don’t know about fitness can impair you and can also be a hindrance for your fitness journey. There are so many myths still floating around the internet that are befogging people who are just starting with their fitness journey. So, today, let's debunk these super popular myths.

1. Targeting a group of muscles will make you lose body fat in that particular place itself.

Spot reduction is a myth. If you have got extra fat on your stomach, thighs, arms, etc. the only way to lose it is by reducing total body percentage, and you can do that by being in a calorie deficit for a prolonged period. No detox, no diets, no fads; it’s just pure science.

2. Eating clean is not the same as eating for fat loss.

You can mostly eat food that is considered healthy yet gain weight if you are in a calorie surplus. The key to losing fat is to be in a calorie deficit for an extended period. However, this also does not mean you are supposed to eat junk food all the time – food quality matters for overall health.

3. Reducing calories by too much helps lose fat faster.

Of course, you have to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat, but you are not supposed to reduce it by too much. Not only is it healthy for your body, and you probably won’t have enough energy to function, but reducing your calorie intake by too much will increase your strength and muscle loss. You should take it a bit slower and stick with a moderate deficit.

4. The weighing machine is the only way to know the progress of your fat loss.

Your progress is just not measured by the number on the scale. Your scale weight can fluctuate as a result of dehydration, changes in your carbohydrate or sodium intake, changes in muscle/fat mass, your menstrual cycle, stress, etc. There are many other ways to judge your progress such as your cloth fitting better, you have more muscle definition, your form has improved, you feel more energetic, you are less stressed, your mindset towards food has improved, your sleep quality has improved and many other techniques through which you can know about your fat loss progress.

5. The amount of sweat determines the amount of fat you burn.

According to science, sweating is the release of liquid from the body’s sweat glands, which cools the skin and regulates internal body temperature. This has nothing to do with fat loss. Yes, you will lose water, but you will drink it right back. Fat goes through waste products such as urine and carbon dioxide.






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