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t Trading can offer you great returns in the market. But, it comes with increased risk. A successful trading market career depends on your research and experience as a trader. 

It will rely on the timeline and your little bit of luck. If you want to learn more about how you can trade stocks, there are a few bases that you need to get trained with. Read on to learn more about choosing the best stocks and the best stock trading course in Delhi and the factors you need to consider.

Nevertheless, statistics claim that volatile stocks will show more movements in a short span. Most gains will disappear, while the downside risk is there. The stock liquidity will depend on the quality of transactions placed by the traders. For instance, a volume of 50000 to 75000 shares is sufficient to give the trade for rupees 60 to 100. The volume requirements will grow more with time.

When choosing liquid stocks, it is better not to forget to check liquidity. You can still find some highly liquid stocks at a low price level. But, the volume will decrease after reaching a price zone. 

5 Tips to Choose The Right Stock for Trading

Understanding liquidity variability at different price points will help you buy the stocks at the right time. 

  • Know What Stock Trading is.

A publicly listed company is one of the shares listed on a reputable Stock Exchange. These shares will give investors ownership over the company and get traded freely among those looking to buy stock. The purpose of the trading is to sell the stock at a higher price than when it gets bought, providing you with a return.

Nevertheless, trading will differ from investing to some extent. It gets typically done for short-term gain, but investors look to hold stocks for a more extended period in the hope that the price will rise substantially. 

  • Stay Away from Volatile Stocks.

It gets noticed that a low daily volume of traded reserves for those where some huge news gets expected to move unpredictably. Sometimes, the stockpiles may show volatility events when there is an announcement of big news. Traders get recommended to avoid trading in such stocks.

Keeping the above warning in mind, you can tell that a certain degree of volatility indicates that the traders can profit by successfully betting on this stock. There is no rule, and 3% to 5% of price movement on either side makes it the best stock.

  • It is Wise to Follow the Trend.

It is worthwhile to keep in mind that following the trend is always beneficial. During a bull run in the stock market, traders must identify stocks that can potentially increase. But, in the Bear Run, identifying stocks likely to decline is recommended. 

  • Start with Research. 

Undertaking quality research is one of the most vital tips that traders need to understand. Unfortunately, traders keep from doing research. Identifying the index and finding the sectors of interest is advisable.

The next step is to create a list of stocks linked with the sectors. Traders need not include sector leaders but must identify which stocks are liquid. Technical analysis and determining the support and resistance level will allow the traders to find the right stocks to benefit from. 

  • Check Liquidity of the Stock. 

As mentioned earlier, stock liquidity is one of the factors used to determine whether you can trade on the stock or not. You do not want to enter a position and worry about how you want to exit from the same. The problem is there in small stocks and F&O stocks. One of the liquidity measures is to view volumes as the proportion of market capitalization. Do you want to learn more about the Stock trading course in Delhi? For more information, contact us today.


The criteria to find the best reserve for trading is to select highly liquid supplies. Liquidity is the essential trading tip when choosing the right stock to trade. Liquid stockpiles have more trading volumes and get purchased and sold without affecting the price. 

In general, the lesser liquid stock will not provide traders with the chance to purchase and sell large Quantities due to a lack of too many buyers. But, it offers more opportunities with rapid price modification. These are some ways to decide on the best stock for trading.


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