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After your last meal of the day, it would be a really good  Trim 14 Review idea to take a walk, this will help greatly to keep your metabolism furnace stoked and you'll feel a lot less full when you finally lay day for the night. Doctors recommend that you should place a 2 to 3 hour window in between your last meal and bed time, this is good advice, you don't want to go to sleep on a full stomach and force those calories into fat storage. Morning walks and exercise are also recommended to a little extent by the experts for the people on low calorie diet if they are interested to loose weight without delay.

It is also important that you keep a daily diary of you calorie intake. Count the calories of every food item for the first week or so and you will have a good idea of the numbers you need to meet to maintain a healthy weight loss. It would be convenient if one maps the whole day diet plan at the beginning of the day.

Timing should be strictly followed. Water consumption should also be according to the directions of doctor or health advisor. Moreover, the food should not be swallowed quickly. One should eat at very slow pace. This is to decrease the appetite. Desserts and high calorie food items should be avoided. One must take five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day to take in appropriate body nutrition.

The calorie quantity and food item charts are now available even on Internet sources to make mapping your calorie intake very easy. They can really help while planning the diet every day. When a person strictly follows the diet map, he gets excellent results from his dieting efforts. You can see weight loss results with in few weeks of dieting if it is done with passion and motivation, just from the above tips.



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