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The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is continuing to create mayhem in our lives and businesses alike. In these challenging times, technology has been the most significant support to alleviate disruptions, which has led to an enormous expedition in the adoption of technologies in the new digital environment. 

The smartphone industry is experiencing similar circumstances. Smartphone companies must keep innovating and introducing the best budget smartphones to empower their users. It has become essential for innovators to keep up with the fast-moving technology trends while evolving the existing ones.

As technological reforms continue to achieve momentum, here are some trends that will remain crucial in redefining the future of smartphones in 2021! 

Fast and Secure Charging

The smartphone industry witnessed multiple fast charging technologies in 2020, and numerous brands came up with countless fast-charging devices that charged a smartphone to 50% in a matter of minutes. The future-ready best budget smartphones will have to take a holistic approach to reduce possible safety hazards and perils and provide an efficient and secure charging experience. 

Widespread 5G Chips

Starting from this year, almost all the premium and mid-range smartphones are coming with the 5G support. Like several other nations, India also expressed a robust 5G infrastructure expansion, and before that, we can all expect 5G devices in our hands. Most Android phones in 2021 will have the latest flagship chip, the Snapdragon 888, which comes with integrated 5G on the SoC. This development is poised to offer affordable 5G enabled smartphones, running 5nm chips having super-efficient battery life. 

Make Way For More Flip Phones

Yes, it's true! Flip phones are arriving in a big way. Be it the Galaxy Fold, Motorola Razr, or the Z Flip, the demand for these flip phones is expected to increase in 2021. The pandemic has skyrocketed our on-screen time, and people are looking for excuses to cut down on it. There will be people who will wish to have a flip phone for mere nostalgia without compromising critical features. Smartphone companies will be seen capitalising on this digital detox need by offering minimalist Android phones with the flip feature. 

Snapdragon 888 Computational Photography

The Snapdragon 888 chips will take smartphone photography to a whole new level. This chip will alleviate limited camera sensor size issues through advanced computational photography. The Snapdragon 888 chips are embedded with three Image Sensing Processors that combine the footage from all three smartphone cameras to create a highly detailed image. It will also allow smartphones to record 4k videos from each of their rear cameras simultaneously. So, undoubtedly 2021 will have some of the best camera smartphones.

Powerful Gaming Smartphones

Esports was already on the rise, and the pandemic accelerated it. So when it comes to upcoming smartphone trends, powerful gaming phones are a no-brainer. With newer and skilled players in the competition, demand for powerful best budget smartphones will continue to grow. Brands like ASUS, Tecno, and Xiaomi have already leveraged the gaming feature in smartphones by improving a high refresh rate screen, ultra-fast storage, and powerful processor. 

It is, indeed, a great time to be a smartphone enthusiast as these trends, more or less, will redefine the smartphone industry in 2021.


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