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Five Steps To Help You Get Into A Data Science Job

As the world becomes increasingly data-driven, companies and organisations are looking to onboard smart individuals who can help them make sense of this data.

Besides being a lucrative career choice, the role of a data scientist offers immense professional satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment. Coming to the main topic of the steps to get into a data science job, let us first try and understand who data scientists are.

Data scientists are professionals who are primarily involved in performing research and analysis on large volumes of data, which may either be structured or unstructured. Data scientists deploy this data to build hypotheses, analyze market and customer patterns, and derive actionable insights.

Prerequisites for a data science career

A data scientist needs to possess a combination of the following skills in order to analyze, process, and model data seamlessly:

  • Sound mathematical skills
  • Knowledge of basic and advanced statistics
  • Computer science knowledge and skills

The data worked on/modified is then used by organisations to find insights or results that they can use to drive efficiency in businesses for faster growth.

Data scientists leverage their skill sets and data science capabilities to collect and process data for achieving higher business growth and efficiency. They make use of their domain experience, prevailing market trends, and informed assumptions to help companies make data-driven decisions and find solutions to the current challenges they face.

To do so, data scientists use

Data Scientist skills

Data scientists use a range of skills in accomplishing their tasks. These include

  • Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis involves analyzing data and using it to derive predictive insights.

  • Machine learning algorithms

Machine learning algorithms form a key component of a data scientist's skillsets. Data scientists make use of machine learning algorithms to accelerate the tasks related to trends analysis.

  • Various other advanced analytical technologies such as Java and R programming, SQL etc.

Data scientists navigate through cross-functional roles while working in an organization. They may don the hat of an analyst, a mathematician, and even a computer scientist. Let us now have a look at how you can go about getting a data science job in real life.

Five steps to get into a Data science job

Here are the steps learners may follow to get into a data science job:

  • Learn the necessary skills such as Python/ R programming, SQL, web frameworks, data visualization, statistical skills, etc. In order to acquire these skills, you may start with self-study. After you have built a base, you may opt for professional training in key data science skills to give your career that decisive push.
  • Gain project experience

Look for internships or opportunities to do real-world data science projects. This is because project experience helps you gain hands-on skills, something that recruiters love.

  • Create an online portfolio of your work

Use your skills to build a portfolio of projects. Highlight these in platforms such as GitHub or LinkedIn. Such an online portfolio helps recruiters discover you, and possibly invite/ recommend you for job opportunities.

  • Get involved in data science communities

Becoming active in data science communities such as data science subreddits, LinkedIn etc increases your profile visibility, and thus increases the chances of the recruiters' eyes falling on you.

  • Make your resume attractive to recruiters

A good resume is a window into your skills as strengths as a data scientist. Recruiters base a lot of their interview questions on the candidate's resume. Hence, it's imperative that your resume reflects all your professional skills and strengths as a data scientist.

Hence, it all comes down to your skill sets. You must invest your time and money on acquiring the right skills. You may join a course or academic program on data science. You can go for various online courses on data science available online.

Data scientists command very high pay packages today. Infact, data scientists with 5+ years of experience make as much as $500,000 annually. Hence, a career in the data science realm is definitely something you should work hard to build.

Although many data scientists already have deep knowledge and confidence in the domain, some will require to further hone their abilities through guidance on the latest algorithms and concepts in data science, machine learning and AI. An online course will go a long way in strengthening their foundational understanding in mathematics and programming.

After you have built your base in key data science skills, you may consider enrolling in a Data Science Course  with placement guarantee. This is a great program for learners to enrol in if they are looking to upskill in this domain for a bright career. Besides helping you upskill, Skillslash also offers Data Science Certification course in Delhi and helps you with career counselling services, guaranteeing placement for you. Learners can check out the website for more details for more details.


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