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The concept of e-commerce is not limited to the creation of an online store and the sale of products. Indeed, after creating your store, you still have an identity to build . This is why it is crucial to devote a lot of time to packaging to make it a marketing tool. From the quality of the container to choose to the personalization of the design, how to go about it? Follow this guide to know how to choose an e-commerce customized packaging that will meet the expectations of your customers.

Use self-checkouts to save time

The idea of ​​using a self-checkout for e-commerce packaging  is the first tip in this guide. It sets up faster than a standard crate. Just a few side presses and you're done. Typically, a self-checkout can be set up in 9 seconds, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other business activities.

Choose custom crates for more savings

Shipped goods sometimes travel very long distances . They will be loaded and unloaded several times between ships and planes before delivery. Sometimes turbulence occurs during the journey. In order for your products to reach their destination without being damaged, it is important to protect them with the appropriate cushioning . This implies that you should favor custom-made crates in which the holds will fit easily to ensure the safety of the items . However, finding wedging equipment can be a hindrance for the company, in particular because of the costs it generates. Fortunately, you can remedy this situation by opting for:

  • a box with variable height;
  • or a telescopic box .

The latter are very advantageous insofar as they adapt perfectly to the height of the goods and constitute a practical solution for limiting the use of wedging equipment. You will thus achieve significant economic margins .

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Prefer boxes with double grooves for more safety

In e-commerce, contact is almost non-existent between the merchant and his customer. The few times this happens is definitely through the packaging. It is therefore important to ensure that the container is intact on arrival at the customer. Indeed, many customers interpret a damaged package as a very bad sign, likely to reduce their commitment to your brand. You don't want to give bad impressions to your customers, do you? To ensure optimal protection , you should favor boxes with double grooves (composed of two layers of cardboard). They guarantee good protection against impact and protect the goods so that the customer finds them in good condition.

Use biodegradable packaging

The protection of the environment is at the heart of all debates in this 21st century. More and more consumers are interested in it, moreover. To choose your e-commerce packaging, you must think about the environment by choosing recyclable packaging . Most customers no longer accept very large boxes filled with cushioning material. Thus, it is important to ensure the adequacy between the size of the product and that of the container, without losing sight of the fact that it must be recyclable. There are eco-friendly packaging that will improve your reputation with eco-friendly consumers once used. And which bear witness to your commitment to safeguarding our planet. In fact, as you can see here , some states are working to eliminate plastic packaging in the coming years.

Make a difference by customizing your packaging

The role of e-commerce packaging is not just limited to securing goods during shipment. It is also an effective way to strengthen the image of your company with customers. This indicates that it is a powerful means of communication . Customers naturally appreciate visibly attractive packages. So you can embellish your packaging by printing on it:

  • your logo ;
  • or the characteristic color of your brand.

Such packaging of Custom Mailer Boxes with logo contributes to the visibility of your brand and increases customer satisfaction . Studies conduct specifically in this direction have reveal that approximately 40% of personalized packaging is share on social media and is recommend to relatives.



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