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Being a university student is exciting and at the same time, it is quite demanding. With your grades and performance being top-notch, you also need to ensure your health is in good shape. Hence, all the top private universities in Lahore, greatly emphasize looking well after yourself in the quest of excelling in your academic and other curricular and co-curricular activities.

Self-care involves all those activities that you do for your physical and mental well-being. They usually vary from person to person. There are no set parameters for a particular self-care task. This is extremely essential as they allow the students to refuel and recharge. This eventually increases their productivity and performance, both in and out of the class.

Minor doings like a simple stroll, having a good meal, a chat with some good friends, or a light-hearted podcast, can relieve all your stress. Moreover, the top private universities in Lahore want you to look after your health. This will impact your overall academic performance.

What more can you do to look after yourself?

Looking after yourself while studying in universities is extremely essential. It develops a feeling of security, uplifts your mood, and improves your overall performance, both in and out of the university premises. Therefore, we have prepared a simple guideline for you to follow. This will eventually make you excel in all avenues of your higher education. Have a look at these:

1-           Define your parameters of success

Being successful is a variable concept. In a traditional university setting, success refers to how you do in your exams. It basically covers your academic performance. However, this is no longer the only objective. The leading private universities of today, enrich you to go beyond the standardized parameters of success. Make sure to have a beneficial impact on the lives of people associated with you. Hence, always make sure that your parameters of success go beyond the usual.

 According to the Oxford dictionary, “Success refers to achieving a certain aim or purpose”. It doesn’t necessarily mean wealth, power, or popularity. Henceforth, the top private universities in Lahore enable you to achieve your goals and ambitions in a more sustainable manner.  

2-           Make sure to take care of yourself

Never forget the bigger picture. While being focused on achieving our academic targets, we tend to ignore our own well-being. This can eventually do more harm than good. Eyeing on our short-term achievements, we burn ourselves out, and therefore, this impacts our overall academic performance.

Always remember to

  • Eat well
  • Stay hydrated
  • Sleep well

3-           Stay focused

With countless distractions, trying to keep your focus intact can be challenging. In particular, social media has taken over the major part of distracting students. Therefore, this impacts the student’s attention and concertation.

4-           Sleep well

Good sleeping habits can greatly improve your academic performance. The top private universities in Lahore, emphasize the importance of a well-rested mind and body. This enables you to make progress by leaps and bounds. In addition to that, the human body is advised to get at least eight hours of consecutive sleep to ensure maximum productivity. Hence the top private universities in Lahore, acknowledge this fact and encourage well-rested students to top-notch academic performances.

5-           Reward yourself

You deserve a break! And yes, all the acknowledgment you can get. We all feel this burnout. It’s normal to let your mind and body relax after a long hard day. Excessive academic pressure can definitely wear you out. Your mind can refuse to retain any more pressure. Hence, before that happens, listen to your body and reward yourself with a good meal or a hot shower. Make sure to feel well relaxed. This will eventually improve your academic productivity and make you progress by leaps and bounds.


ICOMS, one of the HEC-recognized universities in Lahore, also acknowledges the fact that well-rested students perform up to the mark. Therefore, it encourages the students to ensure a self-care attitude through academics.

Lastly, being the best private international university in Lahore, ICOMS offers state-of-the-art curricular and co-curricular activities which help to de-stress the students and improve their academic performances. 


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