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Want to know how to fix it when Nintendo Switch is not turning on? Follow this article to the end. There are several ways with the help of which you can fix the power issues of your Nintendo Switch console. Your gaming plans may get killed if your console is not turning on. It can also become a major cause of worry, and you may think that your console is no longer working.

If your Nintendo Switch is not turning on, the most basic reason may be a power supply issue or low battery. It is also possible that an update regarding the software, video game, or the operating system might have stopped the console from running. There can be other issues as well, so we have discussed the steps to troubleshoot every major power issue on Nintendo Switch below:

How to Fix the No Power Issue on Nintendo Switch?

Don’t panic if your Nintendo Switch is not turning on. There may be several reasons for this issue. So, we have discussed all the best-in-class troubleshooting solutions for the power issues on the Nintendo Switch. We have discussed them in a sorted format from the very simplest ones at the beginning, and further progressing on to the advanced ones. Follow these fixes in the order we have listed them. Who knows if you get the solution in the starting only and the very first and the most straightforward solution might work for you? We have mentioned the methods below:

  • If your Nintendo Switch is not showing up anything on your screen, you need to check your HDMI input. We recommend you do so because you might have accidentally switched on to the HDMI input that might not be appropriate for your console. This possibly happens when a user bumps or drops his remote. To make sure you are on the right one, you need to cycle through the HDMI channels.
  • Check if in case there is any other issue related to the HDMI. There are a vast number of technical issues associated with HDMI that may restrain your console from appearing on your television.
  • Your controller might have run out of power supply, so; we recommend you try turning on your console manually.
  • Allow your controllers to remain connected with your console even when they are not required. This will let them remain charged.
  • In case your dock is broken, you can charge your console with the help of the USB cable.
  • If your console doesn’t turn on, you can try a soft reset on it. Long press the power button of your Nintendo Switch for over 15 seconds. Releasing it will soft reset your gaming console and remove some software issues that might have restrained your console from turning on.
  • You need to go for the hard/factory reset in case your console doesn’t turn on even after so many attempts. It will reboot your gaming console.

So, these were our recommended steps that you can follow in order to troubleshoot your gaming console’s power issues. Make sure that you follow the steps only in the sequence that we have listed above.

Source :- https://nortoncomsetup.myyellowsetup.com/fix-no-power-issue-on-nintendo-switch-with-these-steps/

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