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Flat roofs are not uncommon today and, like any structure, they need periodic inspection and maintenance. Such needs require certain financial costs but will ensure a long operating period and prevent serious damage. Due to the small slope angle, low-slope care has its own characteristics.


Carrying out regular inspections;
Cleaning the surface of debris;
Inspection of junction points to equipment installed on the roof; Pruning trees with branches hanging over the roof;
Checking drains and stagnant areas;
Visual inspection of the coating for punctures, cracks, and other damage.

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Regular checks are recommended every few months. Since it is not difficult to move on such surfaces, inspections can be carried out independently. The detection of the slightest defects should alert rust, swelling of the seams, cracks, accumulation of water. If you notice any of the above, it is recommended to urgently contact the roofers. The ideal option is if a professional will inspect the roof at least twice a year. This will prevent flat roof repairs.

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Various debris constantly accumulates on flat roofs: leaves, branches, sand, dust, foreign objects. Due to the low-slope design, they do not have the ability to fall down. Such heaps retain moisture, thereby contributing to the growth of vegetation and the destruction of roofing materials. You can prevent such troubles by regularly cleaning the roof and cutting trees hanging over the roof. Do not forget to remove snow from the roof in winter. Thus, it is possible not only to reduce the load on the rafters but also to ensure the natural flow of meltwater in the spring.


To prevent liquid from accumulating on the roof, it is necessary to eliminate stagnant zones and equip a high-quality drainage system. For periodic inspections, it is recommended to use the services of roofing companies.

Flat structures are distinguished by their special strength, reliability, and ability to withstand heavy loads. Massive equipment located on the roof, combined with adverse weather conditions and precipitation, can lead to coating failures. Therefore, it is so important to periodically inspect the junction points.

But, the most important condition for the long-term operation of a flat roof is a caring attitude.


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