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Flat weft extensions

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The Flat Weft Extensions are an amalgamation of hand tied and machine-tied which we refer to as Hybrid Wefts. They blend the best characteristics of both hair extensions into one innovative weft that allows you to create an ultra-flat weft attachment which is able to accommodate the discreetness and ease of hand tied wefts whilst giving you the flexibility, flexibility, customization capabilities and strength of machine wefts that can be used for every hair texture from thin to fine.

Hybrid Wefts can be found at Salons with 20-inch lengths available in both 100 and 50 grams, based on your preference for appearance and size. Flat weft extensions are lightweight and easy to conceal without appearing heavy at the roots they are also pleasant to wear. Flat weft extensions are ideal for those who have medium-to-thick hair. However, if you have hair that is thin but lots of it, you'll be able to conceal the extensions well enough to achieve the look of a volume.

Hair extensions made of flat wefts are simpler to use than hand-tied hair extensions because they can be cut and altered, which makes them cheaper. Because they are less thick and more delicate, they can take longer to apply than machine-wefts. They should be reinstalled each 6-8 weeks exactly as hand tied to preserve the appearance and conceal the wefts.

How do I Install?

Wefts that are flat are among of the most well-known extensions available currently. Therefore, knowing how to put this extension in place is essential. Extensions made of flat weft, which we are aware, are a flexible product that offers a range of ways to install them. To keep hair in its place hair stylists use tapes, clips, beads, or even stitching. They'll employ the technique using which they are familiar. We'll now show you how to apply this hair system using clips using a simple method.

  • In the beginning, you need to determine where you'll place the hair extensions that are flat. You can then tie the remainder of your hair in order to keep your hair neat.
  • It is a matter of sewing a few clips to the selvage of your hair extension. Remember that the color of these clips is the same as the color of the hair system.
  • Find the natural hairline and align it with the extension. Clip your hair in order to keep the extension from falling off. The extension should seem as natural you can by altering it. If you are sleeping, remove these clips to eliminate hair. These flat weft extensions are very lightweight, allowing users to enjoy an enjoyable experience. Clips let you add extra hair thickness, as well as attach the extensions on your hair's natural hair in just a few seconds. You can also remove them at any time.

Other applications approaches

If you're unfamiliar about this method silicone beads or tape are a better option. Silicon beads made of micro silicone, like could be used to join hair extensions strand for strand and also to secure your natural hair. It blends perfectly with your hair, and provides you with the hairstyle you've always desired. Tape will keep your hairstyle in place for up to a month. Hairdressers can wear their gorgeous hair at any time of the day and at night. All you need to do is apply the glue on the seam of the extension and then attach them to the length of your hair.

You can utilize these techniques to get your perfect hairstyle without causing harm to your hair. Hair extensions can be cut to suit your hair. Make sure not to use excessive clips or beads in the weft as this could result in knots at the hair's roots.

Find out more about the numerous ways you can make use of your brand fresh flat weft extensions once you've purchased them. They offer a wide range of options, giving you the ability to use the hair extensions the way you want. This is why they are highly sought-after by hair stylists across the globe.

Flat Weft Extensions can be extremely versatile, as they can be connected in many different ways, including clips or tape, or even stitching.


Clips allow you to connect your extension to the hair. You can also take them off at any time. To do this, simply stitch the clips on the selvage. Be sure the clips match in color as extensions.


Hair extensions can be secured to the tape and last for months, which allows the wearer to use them both day and all night. The Extension Tapes are glued to the seams of the weft. The hair pieces are fixed to the hair.


In the end we have the flat weft extensions could be sewn directly in your hair. To do this, simply gather your hair into ponytails that are near your head. After that, stitch the hair's seam directly to it. It is recommended to use thread and needles designed specifically for extensions.

Continue to maintain the hair extensions with flat wefts

This extension is a great option to avoid waiting on your hair's natural growth however, it needs regular maintenance and security. What do you have to choose from? Be aware that this isn't your hair as it is, so you have to treat it with respect. In the period of 6-8 weeks, you go to the hair salon for a visit. The stylist will assist you by tightening and altering the silk weft. It takes about 30 minutes.

The hair system needs to be applied again after a number of exams. Remember that you'll have to apply the extension again. Going to a salon and having a haircut with your hairdresser can aid in keeping the extension more closely the scalp. It is possible to do the procedure yourself, but we would recommend hiring a professional. Additionally, you should use a shampoo that is suitable to wash your hair. Since the hair isn't real use hair products that are not contaminated with chemicals such as alcohol and paraben. Hair products that aren't of the highest quality could quickly dry out and harm the weft. To keep your extensions smooth and shiny, apply conditioner. Avoid washing your hair frequently to prevent it from shedding and becoming tangy. Once you've found the perfect Shampoo for you type, you can continue using it.

Flat weft extensions are dyed?

In general, yes. But, we don't recommend dying hair extensions due to the fact that the hair is already colored, making bleaching difficult. If you're planning to color your hair extensions, adhere with products which are light and free of ammonia. Unfortunately, we're unable to guarantee the result. Since the hair strands originate from 100% real human hair, they're unique as every human being.

Tips to Help Make Your Extensions Last!

  • Cleanse

It is possible that you will need to gently clean the flat weft extensions. I try to wash my hair gently extensions every two weeks when I use them.

If you are washing, it is recommended to apply a mild conditioner to help loose knots, rather than shampoo.

Hair extensions will not go away when you apply a bit of conditioner! If you're struggling to brush your hair, try applying conditioner to soften your hair and eliminate knotted ends.

  • Do Not Wear Them For Too Long

If you are looking for flat weft extensions, one the most important suggestions to remember is to not use them too much. Although some extensions can be worn for as long as one year, that isn't a requirement to wear them all the time.

You can take them out then clean them and replace them. The most important thing is to take them out of your home and let them go.

The longer you're in extensions the harder it becomes to get rid of the buildup and ensure that they don't turn dull, dirty or dry.

Storing Hair Extensions

The process of putting away all of your flat weft extensions stakes just some minutes however, those minutes could have a massive impact on the durability and quality that your extension lasts. Brushing your extensions before you put them away is a great idea. Make sure to keep your extensions away against direct light in a cold dry area (like in a cabinet, closet or drawer for a dresser). To stop the possibility of mold and other bacteria growing, ensure your extensions are completely dry prior to you store them.

The box in which your extensions were packaged in is a possibility to store the extensions. It is also possible to use an airtight box or shoe box for a different. After you have brushed your extensions, tie the ponytail that is tied around the bottom of the wefts by using a hair tie. Then, gently roll the extensions into the shape of a circle before placing them into the box.

Items to Stay Clear

When you're looking after the proper care for your extension one of the most crucial points to be aware of is to choose the best products. This will determine whether your extensions get caught up in knots or remain soft and manageable. Be sure to not miss the words SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Alcohol Denat, Ethanol, SD Alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl, and Propyl in the list of ingredients.

It's crucial to use alcohol- and sulfate-free products. These ingredients deplete the hair's natural oils, which makes it more dry and prone to matting and tangling. In the long run, these products can damage the integrity of hair, thereby shortening the lifespan that your extensions will last. Be aware that products made without sulfate will not create much lather because of the exact ingredients used to create those soapy suds. However, they can cleanse hair extensions flat weft extensions just as well as sulfate-based products, without stripping your hair of its moisture.

Before buying something, make sure you perform one simple thing…flip the item over! A lot of products contain sulphates and alcohol within their compositions.

Cleaning your Extensions

It is essential to moisturize the extensions in every way is possible prior to washing them. Because extensions don't have the same oils and nutrients as hair, it is essential to keep them well-nourished and moisturized using alcohol – and sulfate-free shampoos as well as conditioners. Alcohol and sulfates deplete the natural oils that hair has which makes it dry and more susceptible to matting and tangling.

Prior to and after shampooing, we suggest using an alcohol-free, moisturizing and sulfate-free conditioner. You can even opt to remove the shampoo altogether and instead use conditioner to wash your extensions! While washing, be gentle with your extensions and refrain from rubbing them vigorously. Always rinse the extensions in cold water to seal in the moisture. When you're done you can gently squeeze any remaining water out of the extensions. Also, make sure you don't rub your extensions with the towel.


It is not recommended to blow dry your extensions after every wash because it dry out and can cause them to be more susceptible to break. If you have to blow dry your extensions, be sure to apply a heat-protectant spray to make sure that you get the longest life is possible. If you have to make use of extensions that are flat weft extensions right immediately following washing, be sure that you blow dry them with the cold setting to prevent damaging the heat and do not brush them until they're 90percent dry. This is because when hair's wet, it's at its most fragile. Instead, gently release knots with your fingers. When you blow-dry, start by focusing on the base of the weft before working toward the ends. Blowing dry your hair downwards in order to not only smooth out the cuticle but also to prevent it from becoming caught all over the place.

When possible, we recommend drying your hair with air. If you air dry your hair using a microfiber towel to get rid of any excess water quickly. This will keep your hair from being rough (which could result in knots). Put all your wefts onto a smooth surface, and gently rub away any moisture that is left. Applying a tiny amount of hair oil on each weft in order to keep it soft and manageable when it is dry is a great way to keep frizz at bay.


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