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Flexible graphite ring

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Flexible graphite ring produced by Adtech is compressed with expanded graphite tape. It is also called Expanded Graphite Ring, Die-formed Graphite Ring, Flexible Graphite Moulded Ring. It keeps all the characteristics of flexible graphite.

 Flexible Graphite Ring reinforced with ss304, steel mesh, nickel or platinum to enhance the compression resistance. It is used as sealing gasket, packing in all kinds of valves and pumps. These rings are well adapted to various media of hot water, high temperature and high pressure steam, heat-exchanging liquids, ammonia, hydrogen, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, low temperature liquids.

 It is used as sealing gasket, packing in all kinds of valves and pumps.

 These rings possess good resilience and chemical stability to be able to provide effective sealing function. Besides, they can be used together with other end ring. They are very stable and reliable, even if under awful working ircumstances. Frequently they are used with reinforced expanded graphite rings forming a complete set.



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