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For many years, the standard recommendation in the mattress business was to routinely turn and rotate your mattress to help it last longer and feel more comfortable. The design of contemporary mattresses has changed; thus, this advice is no longer always valid. Should you flip or rotate your mattress in the twenty-first century? The solution relies on how your particular mattress is made. In general, mattresses should not be flipped, although they should be turned often. We'll outline the fundamental principles behind rotating or flipping mattresses and discuss how doing so on a regular basis may help your mattress last longer.

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Should you flip your Mattress?

Not all mattresses should be turned over. You shouldn't turn your mattress unless the manufacturer clearly advises doing so. The bulk of contemporary mattresses is made to be one-sided, which means that flipping is not encouraged by their design. The body is supported and the spine is correctly oriented throughout the night thanks to the rather plush comfort system on top, which also offers superb contouring and comfort. But if you turn this design around, it just doesn't function as well. The comfort core does not offer enough support to keep the mattress in its normal form, and the support core typically feels too stiff to lie directly on.

Nonetheless, design elements on flappable beds have two sides. They sometimes provide two different stiffness levels. A flappable all-foam mattress, for instance, may have one side rated at 5 out of 10 for firmness and the other at 7 out of 10. Several flippable mattresses are flippable to increase their lifetime and feature a single, consistent firmness level.

Should you Rotate your Mattress?

Heavy-pressure areas on a mattress (usually the hips and shoulders) tend to droop early. Over time, the mattress is better equipped to bear this pressure if it is turned often. This frequently implies that a mattress that is consistently rotated will outlive a mattress that isn't rotated, maybe by a year or more. Rotating most mattresses is possible. This will frequently aid in preventing the mattress from becoming prematurely damaged. The wear and tear that results from sleeping in the same position on your mattress every night may be stretched out by rotating.

Remember that not all mattresses should be rotated. Most mattresses with a zoned comfort system fall under this category. Do keep a check on it as you order a mattress online.

 A zonal design will provide more support where it is most needed and a softer feel elsewhere. Such mattresses are made to provide extra support to specific parts of the body. Thus, rotating them might make them seem less cozy and supportive. Ensure that you are consistent with how frequently you turn your mattress. The purpose of rotating mattresses on a regular basis is to distribute pressure points that might lead to sagging by shifting where your body rests on the mattress. You can lessen the possibility of early slumping in particular regions by rotating on a regular schedule.

Note: Regular mattress rotation/ flipping might assist in increasing its usable life. Having said that, it's still crucial to understand when to update your mattress. Most mattresses should be changed every 6 to 8 years, even with careful upkeep. Order a mattress online from Sleepwell and get the best quality mattresses at the most competitive pricing. You can even opt for a trial run to find the perfect mattress for your needs. Order your mattress online for the best mattress for a bed, and get them delivered straight to your doorstep.


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