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Fly high on the wings of Multilingual Call Centers – The measure of the Customer Satisfaction Index determines your altitude

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For any consumer-facing Internet company, setting up an international operation is the easy job. More and more companies are setting up global centers to cater to newer product and service markets. Researching target demography, search engine assessments, influencer marketing, on-the-go logistics services at the click of a button, and a large talent pool for service delivery are some of the prerequisites for setting up such an operation. Many Small and Medium businesses are finding the going quite easy currently as ready-to-use tools are available in these domains, provided by many SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). Even with a small capital base, by taking advantage of these offerings, many global ambitions are taking wings.

But as was earlier said, setting up an international operation is the easy part. Until complete customer delight is not ingrained as the core of your product or service offering, you will start finding the going very tough on these new frontiers. Many brands have tried sailing against these headwinds, only to find the tides too high for smooth sailing of operations.

The good news is that if you have already identified high-quality customer engagement and 360-degree customer delight as mission-critical focus areas for your business expansion, you already have begun well. And as they say, a good beginning is half the job done!

You may be having zillions of years of experience dealing with your local customers, but dealing with a new client in international geography is a completely new ball game. For instance, if you are selling a mobile device over a website, do not be surprised to have three completely different customer engagement cycles for a French customer, a German Client, or an Arabian one. This example has been taken to illustrate the fact that even though the product features and pricing remain, customer reactions and sale cycles can be completely different. The French guy would expect the luxury good to be delivered as of yesterday, the German would be keener on understanding the technical specifications of the product in detail and the Saudi Arabian client would lay more emphasis on how you are conversing with them than the product itself, before taking a buying decision.

Thus, communication emerges as a central factor in your pursuit of high-quality customer engagement. How do you interact with your client at the first layer of interfacing with them, can make or break your brand’s success story in the new-found land for your company. Not only what you speak i.e. your product’s strength, pricing, positioning, new offers, etc. but also how you speak, is of paramount importance. Brand owners are almost always adequately prepared with the former but pay scant regard to the latter part, thus preparing for the failure of the brand.

As an internet consumer-facing company owner, you should be aware that 80 percent of all e-commerce buyers worldwide prefer buying from a brand that can offer its services in their native language. If you are ignoring this, you are at risk of losing high volumes of business just because you don’t know the mother tongue of your prospect.

A simple answer to this business challenge is to hire the services of Third-Party Outsourced Multilingual Call Centers.

These Multilingual, and in some cases Bilingual Call Centers have experts who can converse with your existing customer and prospective ones, in their native language. These are domain experts who are well-trained in business processes and hail from the local geographies. They have a thorough understanding of cultural nuances found locally and are well-versed in their customs and beliefs. A company of international repute, which provides Multilingual Customer Care Support in over 30 global languages is LiveSalesman, which has been offering its valued services to brands across the globe for nearly two decades.

A Bilingual Call Center is having the faculties of offering its services in English and the local native language. For the three sets of customers discussed above consider your brand having a French Speaking Bilingual Customer Care Center, a German Speaking Customer Service Outsourcing Center and an Arabic Bilingual Call Center for customers from Saudi Arabia.

If the Arabic Call Center is manned by elite executives who are fluent in Arabic, which is the language of 1.9 billion people the world over, your chances of completing the sales cycle improve significantly. Arabs are well known to reciprocate culturally rich conversations which have polite tonality.

Similarly, France is the cultural and fashion capital of the world. French are known to be having a very formal approach to life, keeping their personal and professional lives separate. A French Bilingual Customer Care Center offered by any major brand is a strong draw for them, as they find French-speaking representatives to be more trustworthy than others.

German is the official language of six sovereign states in the world and is the primary language for over 100 million people. It is the third most important language in the English-speaking world. A Bilingual German Customer Care Center goes a long way in attracting this affluent client base.

LiveSalesman offers all three; Arabic Call Center, French Call Center, and German Call Center to its esteemed user base ensuring that your brand has a truly worldwide reach.


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