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Follow the dangling bell and walk into the story of marsh ice cream

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Mara ice cream in Turkey is named after kahramanmara town at the foot of ahir mountain, or Mara town for short. This is a dessert enjoyed all over Turkey. Its thickened texture, high viscosity and endless aftertaste make it different from common ice cream, but it is the only ice cream in the world that needs a knife and fork. It is definitely worth a try.

The secret of this ice cream lies in its composition, but in fact, the materials of Turkish ice cream are quite simple. Most of them have only a few ingredients: goat's milk, sugar, a spice called poplar frankincense and salep (blue stem powder).

Follow the dangling bell and walk into the story of marsh ice cream

Salep is the unique secret of Turkish ice cream. It is the powder ground from the roots of orchids. The ice cream made from this material can have a unique flavor unmatched by other ingredients. This unique orchid only grows in the Mediterranean climate countries Turkey and Iran with very special geographical location. Another main material, goat's milk, provides irreplaceable viscosity for marash ice cream, which has become the biggest symbol of this kind of ice cream.

You may wonder how this ice cream is made. In fact, there are many legends and stories about its origin. One of the most influential legends is related to an Ottoman named Osman Agha. It is said that Osman AGA will sell sahlep, a hot drink made of orchid tuber powder and milk, to Osman mansion. One day, a large number of his products were still unsold. He decided to bury them in the snow to avoid deterioration. A few days later, when he got it back, the hot drink turned into ice cream! Therefore, Turkey's marash ice cream was born!

To prepare the Marrakech ice cream, the sweetened goat's milk is slowly heated, and then the orchid tuber powder is added to the mixture. Stir the mixture until the desired density level is reached. Then, let it cool at room temperature and put it in the refrigerator overnight. This perfect preparation technology and carefully selected ingredients make Marrakech ice cream relatively resistant to melting – which is one of the many reasons why it is widely favored!

Follow the dangling bell and walk into the story of marsh ice cream

But marash ice cream is not all. Over the past 300 years, it has developed its own story and tradition, and the city of Mara in Turkey is the core of this story.

Follow the dangling bell and walk into the story of marsh ice cream

When you visit Turkey, you will see that many diyarbakır restoran have marash ice cream supply, and adana lokantaları teases their customers with performance skills – this happy tradition has become one of the first things to think of when you think of marash ice cream. The simple but interesting trick is basically that they put the ice cream cone on a stick and take it away when the customer tries to take it away from them. Therefore, you may need some time to really get your own ice cream! While this may cause misunderstandings among customers unfamiliar with the practice, those who are aware of it will certainly have the greatest fun from this favorite ice cream prank.

Marash ice cream has become a feature of Turkey today. Just follow the dangling bell and you'll find the way to delicious food!



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