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The authority to file a consumer complaint online is available to customers who are unhappy with the way their rights have been violated. The Consumer Affairs Department has established an online platform called INGRAM to properly answer customer complaints (Integrated Grievance Redress Mechanism). The steps and venues for submitting an online consumer complaint in India will be thoroughly explained in this article.

What are Consumer Rights?

Section 2 of the Consumer Protection Act of 2019 outlines six essential consumer rights (9). These rights cover a range of consumer empowerment and protection issues. Let's delve deeper into each right:

  • The right to safety

Customers have the right to be shielded from goods and services that are dangerous or jeopardize their health and safety. This includes guaranteeing the high standards of quality, purity, and safety for products and services.

  • The right to information

Customers have the right to truthful and accurate information about the goods and services they buy. This contains information on the product or service's ingredients, cost, quality, performance, and any possible hazards.

  • The freedom to select

Consumers have the right to select anything they want at a price they can afford from a variety of goods and services. Consumers should have access to a range of options on the market and not be coerced or tricked into buying a specific good or service.

  • The right to be heard

Customers have the right to have their complaints and concerns heard by the proper authorities. They ought to have access to a fair and effective system for processing complaints that enables them to look for a solution to any problems they run into.

  • Right to seek redress

Consumers have the right to prompt and equitable redress for any harm or loss they may have experienced as a result of faulty goods, subpar services, or dishonest business practises. This covers remuneration, substitution, refunds, and any other appropriate relief.

  • The right to consumer education

Consumers have a right to information about their legal rights and obligations. This entails raising consumer awareness, offering advice on how to make wise decisions, and disseminating information on the laws and rules governing consumer protection.

These consumer rights seek to protect the interests of consumers and guarantee a just and open market where customers can choose wisely and have their complaints effectively addressed.

Steps to file a consumer complaint online:

In order to file a Consumer Complaint online on the NCH Website About a Retailer, follow these steps:

  • The website for the National Consumer Helpline is a good way to start.
  • Create a new account or log in.
  • If you've never registered before, signing up is simple. Just fill out the form, pick a password, and enter an OTP to verify your identity.
  • The next step is to decide the kind of complaint you want to file.

Complaints from Consumers

If you have encountered any issues or concerns related to a product or service for which you have made a monetary transaction, this option is designed specifically for you. It covers a wide range of sectors, including airlines, banking, automobiles, DTH services, electricity providers, online shopping platforms, FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), electronics, educational institutions, and real estate. To initiate the process, you can navigate through a drop-down menu that offers various options such as selecting the type of grievance, specifying the location, choosing the industry, and providing the name of the company involved.

Misleading Advertisements

This platform allows you to express criticism regarding any commercial or aspect of an advertisement that you consider deceptive. It covers advertisements across various mediums such as newspapers, television, radio, billboards, walls, magazines, posters, and online platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

To submit your consumer complaint online, you need to select details like state, city, industry, and media type from a drop-down menu. Additionally, provide your company's name and address along with specific details of your complaint, and attach any relevant supporting evidence.


If you have encountered a negative or unsatisfactory experience with a product or service you bought, you have the option to register a consumer complaint online. You will receive an email notification once your complaint has been received and handled.


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