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Since there are many enterprises today that have begun with small shops and turned into big food factories, think for yourself. Your odds of failure in the catering industry are very, very slim if you like to cook and think you have an ambitious spirit. Because many individuals apply to catering companies to fulfill their food needs, from corporations to workers, from students to organizers.

Here we will provide some food business ideas that allow a start with a low initial cost.

Producing and Selling Eggs

Many individuals who see names like branded eggs and artificial eggs now just tend to purchase eggs from places they trust. The people who produce village eggs and the farms that produce organic eggs are definitely at the core of these areas. Perhaps you need to try beginning a company like that. If you have an ideal venue, you can make cash by raising eggs; you can become the owner of a farm that produces thousands of eggs a day by expanding your company over time. If you prefer to sell eggs after buying from a farmer, then you should ensure that the facility has ISO 22000, GMP Certification, or an Organic Food label if it claims it.

Establishing a fish farm

Among the low capital market principles, fish farming should be included. There is something, though, to be mindful of here. You may also spend hundreds of thousands, or in smaller amounts, on building a fish farm. So, if you plan to open a big building, the costs would, of course, be high. However, it would be sufficient to spend a limited amount of money on this company if you wish to open a small facility. For example, you might consider turning to a trout farm business, which is now run by a lot of entrepreneurs. If you like, you can even have a restaurant service to your estate, so you can maximize your earnings. However, establishing this kind of business would require specific regulations such as  GMP certification, HACCP implementations as well as ISO certificates especially when targeting export business.

Open a Juice Bar

Orange juices, fruit cocktails, tasty and nutritious beverages that keep you energetic all day long! One of the business ideas that can be made with little money is the operation of the fruit juice bar. It is enough to pay attention to certain points in order to make money from this sector. The most critical of them is that the spot where you are going to open your shop should be busy, there should be no business near you that offers comparable facilities, and polite and quick service. 

Street Markets

Today, while the idea of hawkers has changed in several respects, there are a lot of people making money in this area. And particularly great if you're in a tourist location and offer take-away services… Yeah, regulations in this area can be strict, but it's a simple reality that this tradition will never end. There is no reason for you to go down when you do the business properly. Therefore, before joining the street markets of your city, you can check all the legislation to ensure that your permits have been thoroughly obtained.

If you are looking for GMP certification in Malaysia, then you might want to check this website for more information.


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