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If you want to run a profitable business you need to follow the modern trends that can scale your business. The same concept applies to mobile app development for your brand as well. For any business to succeed and grab a huge customer base, an app is an integral part of a successful venture.

When it comes to the food industry, iOS or Android-based apps are contributing to the industry significantly to gain profits. With engaging app features like UberEats, you can also run a successful on-demand food delivery service. Yes, UberEats can be the mentor for many entrepreneurs or start-ups.

UberEats – Clone Successful On-Demand Delivery Service

Undoubtedly, UberEats App has gained success within less time. It has accelerated the food delivery business to reach a different level altogether. You can just order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant with a single click.

UberEats started its app in 2018 and was the most downloaded app then. It has enjoyed being the topmost food delivery service app since then.

The success of the UberEats App has made developers dive into what makes it so successful among its competitors. Many developers are moving towards taking up Android app development courses to get into the app features implemented by UberEats.

The Business Model Adopted By UberEats

UberEats is among the top 20 popular apps and the business model adopted by UberEats has inspired a lot of food delivery businesses or startups to clone their model. UberEats performs the role of delivery agent as well as a restaurant aggregator. So, the two features that their business model comprises are.

  • It uses a conventional food delivery model that lists partners-restaurants within one app.

  • Simultaneously, Uber manages order delivery too. They use their individual logistics network to process orders from different restaurants not having a delivery service.

Also, the UberEats food delivery app helps users with many more features to make the entire food ordering process flexible. The app features to check out to scale your on demand delivery business model are

  • Customized restaurant recommendations

  • Order tracking

  • Enhanced search filters

  • Tailored delivery information

Three Main Monetization Strategies Adopted By UberEats


  • Revenue Sharing through Restaurants

  • Delivery Fee

  • Advertising

Main Features of UberEats App

1. Organized Approach

When it comes to the latest technologies, Artificial Intelligence is helping mobile apps attain more personalization. Talking about the integration of AI into mobile apps, UberEats is also in the race. It helps foodies check out photos of the meals before placing the order through the UberEats app.

Also, the carousels on the On Demand Food Delivery App show suggestions for other similar restaurants nearby your location to order food. UberEats leverages the features of machine learning to suggest cuisines based on the past order history. It helps users get a personalized experience with their favorite meals from multiple restaurants just with a few clicks.

2. Restaurant Manager


UberEats helps restaurants manage bulk orders received online easily with on-time delivery. Uber makes it possible with its latest analytics tool that is – Restaurant manager. This app helps UberEats make data-centric decisions. This tool helps UberEats partners access data and get insights to improve their food quality and delivery services to enhance customer satisfaction.

3. Pre-Orders

At times when you don’t have enough time to cook food and want to have food on your table, UberEats can be the ideal option to order food. You can book your order in advance, say an hour or a week in advance.

You can also track your order status right from being packed to dispatched and delivered via this on demand service app development.

4. Hassle-Free Order Anywhere

You may be concerned about your location while ordering food. You may be worried if food can be delivered to your location or not. Well, this may be the concern at places like parks or hospitals. Don’t worry, Uber manages that as well. Yes, the UberEats app delivers to different places like homes, parks, hospitals, offices, etc. You can also mention the method you want the food to be delivered at your place with different delivery options.

5. Extract Detailed Information

Yes, the UberEats app helps you search for almost any dish as per your dietary needs. It means the user-friendly app helps you search for a gluten-free dish as well. The search results will give you other details about the dish like approx preparation time, ingredients, etc.

6. Push Notifications

One of the main features of the Uber Eats clone app that can be included in your app to scale your on-demand delivery service is push notifications. This feature is an essential feature to scale your app. When used effectively the feature can help your food delivery business stand out among other apps.

This feature allows you to send alerts to your customers regarding discount codes, delivery, order, etc. It is better to allow your customers to choose the way they want you to send them notifications like email, SMS, or push notifications.

Vital Features Of Food Delivery Services Like UberEats

  • Registration & Login

  • Search

  • Order tracking

  • Order checkout

  • Payment

  • Notifications

  • Order placing

  • Review and ratings

Wrap Up

Certainly, if you want to Build an App Like Uber Eats, you need an expert team of developers. The expert tech team can transform your idea into a functional app.

With experienced developers, you can have an On Demand Apps with excellent UI design and an engaging user interface. There are multiple apps in the food delivery business like GrubHub, DoorDash, Amazon prime, but UberEats has achieved success in a short time, so selecting their business model to scale your on-demand delivery service would be a perfect option.

If you are looking for an expert tech team for developing an UBerEats like food clone app development solutions for your on-demand delivery service  business, Apps on Demand can help you get a clone of UberEats with similar features to scale your business.


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