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Some people want to be in Hollywood, but you want that coveted 5 star food hygiene grade. What's more, guess what? We can make your idea a reality! Don't be afraid of the Evil Queen (or Environmental Health Officer) and their Poisonous Apple (inspection checklist), because this blog will reveal common mistakes to avoid as well as advice on how to effectively prepare for your upcoming inspection. Have you gotten the Snow White metaphor? You can call us your Prince Charming now.

Food Hygiene Course is a complicated and ever-changing operating system. So, whether you own a single fish and chip shop or a campus with many food outlets, there is a lot to think about before your next inspection. This article will reveal all of the strategies to achieving a 5 star food hygiene grade. We will specifically demonstrate the significance of converting to digital food safety in order to impress your EHO. Are you ready to receive your 5 star Food Hygiene Cert certificate?

What you should know about food hygiene ratings initially.

The fundamentals

Food hygiene grading systems serve as a reference for businesses and customers to make better decisions. They indicate the food safety requirements imposed by your local authorities and are also known as the scores on the doors. As a result, an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) may unexpectedly visit your premises to ensure that you are in compliance. They will then provide you a final hygiene rating.

Ratings for hygiene range from 0 to 5.

Food Hygiene Course, which range from 0 (worst) to 5 (best), ensure that it is safe to consume at your establishment. With a score of0, you must act immediately to address the identified food safety risks. In fact, you will be asked to suspend services until the situation is remedied. More inspections are also expected in the next 28 days.

A score of 1 or 2 is considered a failure. Similarly, prompt action is necessary or your firm may be forced to close. Again, act quickly because your firm will most likely be examined every 6 to 12 months until it is deemed safe.

Finally, a score of 3 to 5 is considered a pass.

Score breakdown to better understand how to attain a 5 star food hygiene grade.Are you perplexed by your food hygiene rating report?

 We realise it's difficult! While you should aim for the highest possible overall score, you should also aim for the lowest possible mark on each individual criterion. Your food hygiene report's three criteria are as follows:

  • Food hygiene procedures (how the food is handled, stored, etc.)
  • The structure and state of the premises
  • Management assurance and documentation
  • Classic blunders to avoid in order to get a 5 star food hygiene rating
  • An example of a multi-campus campus

This article will utilise the example of a university with two campuses and several food options. Cafés, restaurants, catered halls, event catering, and other businesses fall under this category. In reality, more than 15,000 kids and employees are fed every day! There is also a fantastic team of around 100 people. They work together to create outstanding food while maintaining 5 star food hygiene. For this case, here is the team to be aware of:

  • Toby is the Catering Services Manager.
  • Abigail works as the North Campus Food Safety Manager.
  • Charlotte works as the South Campus Food Safety Manager.
  • Dan: North Campus Chef
  • Byron: South Campus Chef

The crew is particularly proud of their 5-star food hygiene rating. Do you want to know how they got there? This is the tale we're about to tell. Enjoy!

The first error was focusing solely on food safety.

To get that coveted 5 star food Food Hygiene Course, you must consider the big picture! Indeed, it is all too simple to adopt a reactive approach to food safety. It all comes down to being proactive and concentrating on more than just food safety. In fact, your EHO will consider the following three factors when determining your final food hygiene rating:

  • How cleanly food is cooked, handled, and kept;
  • The premises' condition and structure;
  • Food safety management and documentation

Simply put, a clean stove top and enough ventilation will not suffice to earn a 5 star food hygiene certificate. Your EHO will thoroughly inspect the premises, personnel routes, ventilation, pest control, and more! All required documentation should be present and up to date to serve as proof of a well-managed and safe food business.

Example of campus catering:

Toby, our Catering Services Manager, ensures that these three requirements are managed proactively. Workflows are in place to ensure that food is handled hygienically at all food establishments. Furthermore, all outlets are well-maintained and designed to allow workers to work securely. Finally, Toby keeps all pertinent documents and proof in one digital platform. So he'll be able to proudly and simply display all of this whenever an EHO visits one of the campuses.

The second error was the absence of papers and evidence.

Your EHO will evaluate your overall food safety management system, and meticulous record-keeping is required! There is a weight differential between the three factors that comprise your total food hygiene rating. Have you noticed that? Your faith in food management and associated papers is the most strongly weighted criterion! To increase your chances of receiving a 5 star food hygiene certificate, no paperwork should be left behind.

Ensure that the following documents have not expired and are always kept safely and easily accessible:

Checklists (food hygiene, opening/closing procedures, cleaning routines, and so on)

Staff training certificates (if applicable-set expiry dates!)

Certificates of equipment maintenance (set expiry dates!)

HACCP and safety protocols



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