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Ford Ranger Platinum: Unearthing History in Spain’s Sierra de Atapuerca

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The Ford Ranger has long been a trusted workhorse, conquering tough terrains and transporting goods in various corners of the world. While it made its triumphant return to the U.S. in 2019 as a mid-size pickup, the Ford Ranger has continued to shine in other markets, especially in places where full-size alternatives are not as common. One such market is Spain, where the Ford Ranger is about to embark on a unique mission – aiding archaeologists in uncovering the secrets of the past.

Meet the all-new, next-generation Ford Ranger Platinum, specially equipped for an extraordinary task at the renowned archaeological site, Sierra de Atapuerca. Nestled near Burgos in Northern Spain, this site has already yielded some of the oldest human fossils known to exist, dating back a staggering one million years.

Every summer, a team of archaeologists from around the globe converges at Sierra de Atapuerca, joining forces under the Atapuerca Foundation to conduct excavations at 11 distinct sites within the region. Their goal is not only to unearth history but to rewrite the narratives of those who walked the earth nearly a million years ago.

The Sierra de Atapuerca's location in the foothills of the Sierra de la Demanda demands a 4×4 vehicle with exceptional capabilities, making the Ford Ranger Platinum the ideal choice for this important task. As Patricia Martínez, the communications handler for the Atapuerca Foundation, explains, “The deposits of the Sierra de Atapuerca are in the foothills of the Sierra de la Demanda, so a 4×4 vehicle with the unique characteristics of the Ford Ranger is essential to be able to excavate.”

Antonio Chicote, Product Communication Manager of Ford Spain, emphasizes the Ranger's suitability for such demanding work. He highlights the truck's outstanding carrying capacity, class-leading towing capability, impressive off-road agility, and a wide array of engine options, driving modes, and body styles that make it the perfect companion for archaeological excavations of this magnitude.

The Ford Ranger Platinum stands ready to play a pivotal role in supporting the archaeological team as they delve into the ancient layers of history at Sierra de Atapuerca. With its rugged capabilities and versatility, this modern-day workhorse has proven to be an indispensable tool in unearthing the remnants of some of the very first humans to inhabit Europe.

Beyond its archaeological mission, the Ford Ranger continues to make a lasting impact in various markets around the world. From traversing treacherous landscapes to transporting goods and people, the Ranger's reputation as a reliable and robust performer endures. As it leaves its tire tracks at Sierra de Atapuerca, the Ford Ranger Platinum proudly carries the legacy of exploration and discovery, symbolizing the relentless pursuit of uncovering our shared past and understanding our place in history.


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