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Foreign Settlement and Travel in Astrology

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Leaving our own country to live abroad permanently is a big decision. Not everyone who decides to settle abroad actually settles in its true sense; there are cases when people have landed in troublesome or miserable situations as soon as they step into a foreign land. Why does this happen? Does a dream of foreign settlement need to be analyzed on realistic grounds?  Of course, Yes!

Your birth chart can easily determine whether you are destined to live abroad. Living abroad and doing well there are two different things. It is not necessary that a person who has managed to settle abroad somehow can’t come back or will necessarily prosper. One needs astrological guidance to determine any foreign settlement yoga in a horoscope and its time of fructification.

Vedic Astrology may explain whether a person will go abroad for travel or settlement. Many people travel abroad a lot but don’t settle, while others get permanently settled there. There is a thin line between these two aspects of foreign travel that an expert astrologer can identify with their careful glance at the birth chart of the native.

Foreign Settlement and Travel in Astrology

To understand the possibilities of foreign settlement by Vedic Astrology, one should first be confirmed about the foreign travel or settlement yoga in the horoscope. Certain combinations as prescribed in the text narrate the possibilities of going abroad for travel or settlement. After that the dasha should operate to activate the present foreign yoga in the native’s life. The third important thing is the transit of the planets which finally sends the native abroad. Thus, an astrologer has to see the involved houses, planets and transits to identify and predict the time period of going abroad.

A person may go abroad for several reasons like education, leisure, marriage, work, medical reasons, career, or retirement etc. There are various houses in astrology which depict each of these aspects. Then the astrologer has to check the connections between the houses of foreign travel and settlement with each of these houses. E.g., if your 7th and 12th Lord are connected through any means, the person goes abroad after marriage. Similarly a connection between the 9th and 12th Lord sends you abroad for studies etc. Let’s first understand the important houses for foreign travel and settlement.   

The important houses for foreign travel and settlement

In Vedic astrology, some houses need to be analyzed to see the possibilities of foreign travel or settlement in a native’s life. These are as follows-

The 3rd House- the third house is a house of short journeys. It is the 12th house from the 4th house which indicates loss of homeland or own country of the native. The 3rd house gives short travels and loss of motherland i.e. the native has to move away from his/her place of birth. This may either be abroad or anywhere within the country, but the native has to move.

The 4th house- the fourth house is a house of someone’s motherland or the native place. It shows domestic peace and comforts for the native. If there is any kind of affliction to the 4th house, the native doesn’t remain at peace in their home. The native may leave the homeland or own a house in such a situation. An immensely afflicted 4th house may also indicate a native’s foreign settlement.

The 8th house- the eighth house also plays the most important role regarding foreign travel. The 8th house is 12th from the ninth house and thus signifies foreign travels. The 8th house is a house of voyages and thus shows travel through the sea, which can only be a foreign land for a native.

The 9th house- the ninth house is a house of long travels. It shows all long journeys and is the most important house in determining the foreign travel. This is a house of higher education as well and with its associations may send the native abroad for higher studies.

The 11th house- the eleventh house is a house of fulfillment of desires. The 11th house must permit the fulfillment of your wishes in order to realize your dreams. Whatever life's purpose, including foreign travels, the 11th house must be analyzed carefully.

The 12th house- the twelfth house is the main house of foreign settlement. Its connection with the Lagna lord or the lord of the houses mentioned for foreign travel and settlement creates strong chances of foreign settlement. This house is responsible for forming foreign yoga in someone’s kundli.

One may easily know the connection of these houses in their horoscope for knowing the possibilities of foreign settlement by using Abroad Travel Yoga Calculator. The calculator may tell you about your foreign yoga in a few seconds, but an astrological consultation is required to understand the positive or negative results.

The karaka of foreign travel in Astrology

Jupiter- the planet Jupiter denotes air and hence a karaka of travel through air i.e., airplanes. If Jupiter influences the travel houses in transit and dasha, the person may go abroad. But for that, foreign yoga has to be there.

Rahu- Rahu is a karaka of foreign land and foreigners; thus its connection with the Lagna or 12th lord may send the person abroad permanently.

Saturn- Saturn also facilitates foreign travels or settlement during transit as it is a planet of pressure and exerts pressure on the signification of the houses it travels during transit. Its connection with the houses of foreign travels may send the person abroad.

Know your purpose of going abroad through Astrology

Everyone has their own specific reasons to go abroad as mentioned above. Now, there are certain planetary combinations if present in your horoscope, you will 100% go abroad for travel, settlement or otherwise. Let’s explore

A majorly afflicted 4th house- Pack your bags as your highly afflicted 4th house won’t let you stay in your own home! You may have to leave your place of birth for sure and where will you go will depend upon its connection with other planets and their lordship. This is because the 4th house is concerned with taking a person away from its native or motherland.

For higher studies- In Vedic Astrology, the 4th, 5th, and 9th houses are education houses. Their connection with the 12th house may send you abroad to study. Apply for a student Visa as your birth chart says so!

Research work- A combination between the 8th and 12th house may send the person abroad for study or career in research. If the 6th Lord also gets connected, the person goes abroad for making career in research field.

Foreign settlement after marriage-  A connection between the 7th and 12th house gives a spouse from a foreign land or from completely different culture. You may settle abroad after marriage if supported by other yoga in the kundli.

Foreign settlement for business work- A connection between the 10th and 12th house sends the person abroad for work related purposes.

Going foreign for leisure only- If the lord of the 9th and 11th house are connected with the 12th house, then there is a possibility of going to the foreign land for leisure or entertainment.

Indicating planets for foreign settlement- Rahu in the 12th house also indicates foreign settlement. Even a strong Saturn at the same place may indicate foreign settlement.

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