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Best Payment Gateway Provider For Forex Trading Online

The forex market is the biggest financial market worldwide, getting up to $6.6 trillion in forex trading per day. As the international market for currency exchange. This market is preferred by commercial, investment banks, central banks, multinational companies, barrier funds, investment managers, as well as individual traders.

Forex trading platforms, or merchants, allow individuals to take part in the market and execute trades. To do so, platforms require to have a forex payment gateway that permits them to perform quick transactions. But searching for a payment gateway that delivers forex merchant accounts is also typical for various reasons.

Why it can be typical for forex merchants to select a payment gateway?

Forex trading is regarded as a high-risk business and payment processors will constantly have concerns about functioning with high-risk merchants. The causes why this industry has categorized a risk by banks consist of:

  • Regulatory Risks. Forex is an international currency market, there are no restrictions that imply globally on it. And countries cannot control other countries currencies. However, countries such as the US are presenting laws to restrict how forex business can be executed. This forms a double folded regulatory risk that forms banks hesitant when it reaches to getting forex merchant accounts.
  • High Chargeback Ratio. Because of the very high ratio of daily transactions, forex merchants are preferably to experience especially more chargebacks than other businesses. The high revenue volume also makes these accounts complicated to observe.
  • Money laundering and fraud risk. Similarly, in other countries, the deficiency of global supervision makes the chance for money laundering and fraud to occur. This is additionally increased because of the presence of various currencies.
  • Market risk. Market instability because of changes in currency prices cannot be maintained. Whereas traders are searching to control this instability, it can also turn against them.
  • Leverage risks. Forex merchants strive to enhance their trading stages by using funds that customers exchange. Even though leverage makes both the chances for higher benefits as well as losses.

These are some major risks assessed with forex trading and getting a forex payment gateway. Because of these, forex merchants may have substantial chances in searching for a payment gateway for their forex business.

Things to consider when preferring a forex payment gateway

It is not easy to get a payment gateway that is generous to service merchant accounts. For a forex merchant to be prosperous. Their payment gateway must encounter various requirements. These consist of:

  • Instant funds transfers and low costs. Instant transfers are a primary requirement for forex merchants. Provided the time-focusing nature of business. The payment gateway must offer quick transfers and perform the same at lower charges.
  • Various payment methods. Because of the global nature of forex trading. The payment gateway must provide a variety of payment methods. These must contain both credit and debit cards but also alternative payment methods like digital wallets, various currencies, and more.
  • Chargeback prevention. With chargeback being a difficulty in forex trading. The payment gateway must offer chargeback prevention to merchants to save them from unsatisfied investors of fraudulent activities.
  • Robust security. Dedicated to the anti-fraud and anti-money laundering security measures. Such as PCI DSS compliance is a must. It assures that forex merchants’ funds and payment data will be secured.
  • Regulatory Compliance. However, the forex market is challenging to control on a global level. Some countries have very stringent restrictions regarding who can be a forex trader and a forex broker. Payment gateways should similarly follow various regulations when allowing forex trades. Without restrictions compliance, a payment gateway may not legally function with forex brokers.

When selecting a forex payment gateway, merchants require to take these aspects into account. The right payment gateway requires for allowing the vibrant nature of forex trading via quick transfers and good usability. At the same time, it must offer the highest level of security when complying with all domestic regulatory requirements.

Why you should prefer Amald as your forex payment gateway provider?

When you prefer Amald as your payment gateway provider. You will be offered a service that fulfills all the above-mentioned needs.

Amald also delivers a lot of advantages who use your forex website. These consist of:

  • Around 100 local payment choices like credit/debit cards, eWallets, local banks, and many more.
  • Immediate bank transfers sustain around 3000 banks internationally.
  • Repeat and frictionless payments.
  • No redirection during payments.
  • A loyalty schedule is available to all Amald customers.
  • Top-notch security of payment information and personal payment details.
  • Instinctive interface and high usability.

By selecting Amald as a forex merchant account, you will also be able to use the following advantages:

  • Multi-currency support surrounds around 40 currencies and permits you to handle them through one dashboard.
  • Extremely easy integration with only one API.
  • Amald covers around 185 countries.
  • Enhanced customer investment and retention.
  • Great customer fulfillment due to high usability and streamlined payment services.


Hope we could provide you with better transparency on various payment methods for forex merchants. And how to select the best forex payment gateway for your forex business.

There are many forex payment solutions available nowadays so forex brokers do not need to worry about this more. Just understand your forex business strategy and requirements. Then opt for the payment processors that are suitable for your present and future plans.

Inquire as much as you can when you are going to choose a forex payment gateway. If you want to give Amald a try as your forex payment gateway? Get initiated immediately by signing up for a forex merchant account. Please feel free to contact us for any further queries anytime. We will be glad to help you.



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