Forex, Spread Betting Strategies

First of all don't confuse spread betting strategies BitcoinRevolution 2 Review with actual trading strategies, although as important they are not the same thing. Forex spread betting is the placing of a bet on which way you think a currency is going to go, up in value or down in value. There are things to consider when placing your bet such as how much you are willing to let the trade go against you before you exit at a loss, known as a stop loss, or how much you want the trade to go in your favour before you exit with a profit, known as a limit order.

Although you can always exit a trade at any time manually it is always recommended to trade with a stop loss. It is the manipulation of the stop loss that I would consider to be a good spread betting strategy. It is known that the financial markets move in waves and whichever trading strategy you use to enter a trade you should have a spread betting strategy to play once in the trade as part of your trading plan.

One of the most popular and limited risk methods of spread betting is to enter a trade and once 20 pips in profit move your stop loss up to your entry point as to eliminate risk. Sounds good in theory but as the market moves in waves the chances are you will be knocked out of your trade with zero profit the majority of the time. You can elaborate on this basic system by taking out 80% of your profit at 20 pips up and moving your stop loss up to your entry point that way you still have 80% of your profit on a reversal and if it keeps running you still have 20% on the trade.


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