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Formaldehyde removal service company | Recommend 2 major brands of formaldehyde removal:

Green One Cleaning is a professional 除甲醛公司, providing comprehensive 除甲醛服務 projects for newly renovated homes and commercial offices. At present, we have introduced 2 major Japanese and Korean formaldehyde removal brands. JP ECO photocatalyst decomposes formaldehyde and South Korea's patented air purification and mistization 去除甲醛推薦 technology, both in antibacterial deodorization and 除甲醛 VOC effect is quite significant, and has passed various safety certifications and tests to ensure that formaldehyde removal is completed after construction , the reading indicator maintains a safe range.

Green One Formaldehyde Removal Company introduces two famous brands of formaldehyde decomposition, and is committed to making every family and office in Hong Kong have a fresh and clean environment with new and sincere services. We use a number of foreign brands of professional formaldehyde removal and clean air products, including high-end cleaning and purification products from Japan, New Zealand, the United States, and South Korea. Together with our comprehensive deep cleaning and formaldehyde removal service technology, each customer will be able to achieve Comfortable and safe service indicators.

2 Major Formaldehyde Removal Brands – Japan: JP-ECO “No Photocatalyst” | Korea: DR. FOG Purification and Removal of Formaldehyde

JP-ECO formaldehyde removal:

Product Introduction: JP-ECO “Non-photocatalyst” is a new type of air purification product imported from Japan. This product is divided into models [ECO-B (Base base layer), ECO-C (Clean purification layer)] are safe and non-toxic, do not irritate the skin, do not damage metals and textiles, do not contain any organic adhesives, and can be used for 24 hours. It is one of the most advanced environment-friendly air purification sprays and has a very high market share in the Japanese purification market. “Non-photocatalyst” breaks through the limitation that photocatalysts must be excited by light, and can exert excellent and long-lasting purification effects under no-light conditions, achieving antibacterial, deodorizing, and decomposing organic harmful gases into (carbon dioxide + water) to remove aldehydes and deodorize process.

Can I remove formaldehyde by myself after decoration? Hong Kong people misunderstand formaldehyde removal?:

I believe everyone knows that after the decoration of the new unit, there will always be a strong lingering smell remaining in the home for a period of time. These substances are poisonous and are called VOC or formaldehyde. If our body inhales too much formaldehyde, it will have adverse effects on our health. The short-term effects include our abnormal sense of smell, allergies, or lung function damage. At present, formaldehyde is determined by the World Health Organization as a carcinogen and a health killer for human beings. In addition, children and pregnant women should be careful of these smells. Today, the editor is looking for some methods and misunderstandings about formaldehyde removal for you. You can click Go > Post-renovation Cleaning Service .

Formaldehyde removal method: Air purifiers can remove formaldehyde:

Many air purifiers in the Hong Kong market have stated that they have the function of removing formaldehyde. However, when purchasing an air purifier, you should pay attention to its ventilation volume, usable area, and clean air output per minute. The higher the value, the higher the value. Indicates the better the performance of removing formaldehyde. But even if the air purifier can remove dust and kill bacteria, you must clean it regularly.

A professional formaldehyde removal project can make your family and children live in a safe environment. Book your formaldehyde removal expert now!

Misunderstanding of formaldehyde removal : Formaldehyde can be removed by opening windows and ventilation?:

Many people may have a misunderstanding that no smell means no formaldehyde. In fact, under normal circumstances, when the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard by 3 to 4 times, normal people will not smell the peculiar smell of formaldehyde. In addition, when the harmful substances of formaldehyde are released for as long as 4 to 20 years, it is impossible for us to open the window 24 hours a day for more than ten years.

Formaldehyde removal misunderstanding : Can fruit absorb formaldehyde removal?:

Many people think that fruits can absorb formaldehyde, especially orange peel and sliced ​​pineapples. In fact, this method is wrong! Put orange peels or pineapple slices in the corner of the whole room, the aroma can cover the formaldehyde but the harmful substances still stay in the room, which does not solve the problem.

Customer first, professional focus, hands-on, professional and responsible, do it with heart, do the best, it is your safe choice!

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