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Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite has started rolling, and it has brought a whole new type of challenge for fans. Just like every other season, players have to grind XP to reach the higher levels of Battle Pass. Season 5 has already started its challenges, so now players can start grinding XP by completing those challenges.

A new list of side quests has been added to the game. Players can directly land on Durrr Burger to grind XP, but whoever is looking to grind XP quickly should start a gnome hunt in Sweaty Sands.

Gnome Hunt is a side quest, and the only task in this quest is to hunt gnome. Luckily, Sweaty Sands is a small and popular area. Players won’t face much trouble to reach there. Gnomes are small in size, so it will be slightly difficult to find them. So here is the list of all areas in Sweaty Sands where gnomes can be found.

Find All Gnomes in Sweaty Sands

Dumpster Diving

Travel west side from the main road of Sweaty Sands, and wait at the next intersection. Find an alleyway between pink and blue buildings. You’ll find your first gnome next to a dumpster in the alley.

Behind the Wall

The second gnome is located on the eastern side of the Sweaty Sands. So land at the parking lot, and move into the courtyard of Hotel 23. You’ll see a gnome tucked in the corner of a building.

Under the Pier

Now travel to the beach on the north side of Sweaty Sands. Move down to the sand area, and head underneath the pier. There you’ll find another gnome near the rocks. Collect the gnome, and you’ll get XP too.

If you follow the following information, it will not take much time to complete this side quest. Similar to this side quest, there are a few more quests currently available. The great thing about these side quests is that players can grind XP more frequently through these. Most of the side quests are offering 1,000XP.

It’s the first week of Season 5, and the fans already love this season. Epic Games is working on some new things, and rumors say that fans might see Star Wars crossover pretty soon. The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda have already appeared in the game, so it’s worth waiting for new characters and skins.

Unlike the previous season of Fortnite, Season 5 is giving more challenges and quests to their fans. So probably, more challenges will arrive in the future, and players have to be prepared for it. Fans have seen some mysterious characters like Mancake and Ruckus. There’s currently no information about Mancake, but players can battle against Ruckus in a side quest.


The first week of Season 5 is going well. Developers have added several new locations and challenges in the game, making the game more competitive. Finding gnomes is nowhere tough, but with proper guidance, players can save some of their time. Fans are happy with current season challenges and looking forward to getting more interesting content. Fortnite is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Fortnite: Find All Gnomes in Sweaty Sands

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