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For Fortnite Season 5, Epic Games has taken some significant steps in the game. By adding new locations, new areas, epic skins, and a new themed event, they have declared that this season will be more interesting than the previous one. Among all these new changes, the most admirable changes are new maps and challenges. There’s a new site named Zero Point where players can face off against The Mandalorian and obtain his epic gears. There’s also Baby Yoda added in the game for more entertainment.

Right now, the biggest challenge for the players is to gather all Beskar Mandalorian’s pieces of skin. It includes battles the scavenger hunts. On the other hand, players also have to find and take down Ruckus. So here is the guide to do it.

Who is Ruckus?

Ruckus is just like a boss who is part of the Beskar Mandalorian questline. The quest is separated into eight different parts. Every part unlocks new Battle Pass levels, and in the 100th level, players have to battle against Ruckus. Even though Ruckus is from the sixth quest, underestimating him could be a big problem for any player.

Find Ruckus Location

Slurpy Swamp is a popular area in Fortnite, and even after Season 4 ending, developers decided not to change this area. Luckily, Ruckus is on the east side of Slurpy Swamp and hidden in the Hydro 16 building. Once you reach there, don’t talk to him like you do with an NPC. Ruckus is among the most aggressive in Season 5, so make sure to be prepared before reaching his place.

Defeat Ruckus

The good about the battle is that Ruckus won’t attack you right away. You’ll have the time to choose the right weapon and plan a strategy before taking him down. He’s the type of boss that doesn’t start the battle, but once it starts, he’ll show no mercy on you.

After starting the battle, be prepared for incoming attacks. Dodge his powerful missiles or take cover behind the barriers. His missiles hit hard, so be patience and wait for the right moment for the attacks. After taking him down, you’ll have to get involved in the remaining quests instead of looking for Beskar Steel. Defeating him will also give you some premium loot and his rocket launcher.


Having a powerful weapon will help players a lot in this battle. The first strike in the battle will affect him, and probably it is the best opportunity for a player to kill him quickly. Once Ruckus gets defeated, you’ll have two remaining quests that include a Bounty challenge and a Legendary Challenge. Ruckus is not a Bounty, but still, he’s a worthy opponent. Remember that Ruckus’s skin is very similar to the skin of Mancake.


Fortnite is popular for its content, skin, and challenges in the game, and Epic Game has improved all these things in Season 5. The Fortnite fans are so happy with the current week’s challenges. Ruckus is not a final boss, but his strength is way bigger than any average enemy. Players should be prepared before starting a battle against him. Fortnite is available on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Fortnite: Find and Defeat Ruckus

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