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After releasing Chapter 2 Season 4, Fortnite is getting a great response from the fans around the world. The fresh new season came up with some cool challenges and a new Marvel-themed Battle Pass. There are several interesting items available in Battle Pass. Most of the players want to clear the Battle Pass challenges directly to get every reward instantly, but it’s not that simple. There are some steps that players can follow to level up the Battle Pass quickly. Simply if players play the game daily and complete the challenges daily, they can earn XP coins to increase the level. Playing and finishing the Punch Card challenges also helps to climb up the levels.

How to Level Up Fast through XP Coins

Every Week, Fortnite adds new XP coins on the map. The process of obtaining these coins is different. These coins are hidden below some passages, in the mountains, and some buildings. Players have to explore every major location, to find the coins and collect them. You might have seen Green, Purple, and Blue XP coins on the map. Every week Fortnite changes the location of these coins. There are also Gold coins available on the map, but Fortnite hasn’t added it.

In the first week of Season 4, 2 Purple XP coins, 3 Blue XP coins, 4 Green XP coins were added. In the upcoming weeks, Fortnite will launch these coins once again, but the location will be different. These coins can provide great XP in a very short time. If you keep the proper information on these coins, you can level up quickly. 

How to Level Up through Punch Cards

Punch Cards were first introduced in Season 3. Some tasks of Punch Cards like “750 kills using Assault Rifle” take time to complete. However, most of the tasks are fairly simple. It’s a great way to grow level by completing Punch Cards tasks. Many players are using these cards to increase their level. Recently, players had to complete the I am Groot Punch Card that challenged the players to absorb 250, 1000, 2500, and lastly 15000 damage with the help of Bramble Shield of Groot. However, some punches are a single time like “Shared Glory” that asks the player to simply win with a friend. Combined, all these challenges provide almost 14,000 XP, so it’s better to punch as fast and as many as possible.

How to Level Up Fast through Daily Grind

Along with the XP coins and Punch Cards, you can also increase the level through daily grinding. You have to participate in as many as possible daily and weekly challenges to earn XP. You can also earn XP through simply playing the game. So combining all these options can easily provide you with a great amount of XP.


Daily and weekly challenges are always available in the game. These challenges are neither easy nor tough. Players have to complete the daily challenge on the same day, but they can complete the weekly challenge in a week. Weekly challenges are quite lengthy but provide great XP and rewards. The special challenges also provide rewards, but they are not always available.

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Source: Fortnite: How to Level Up Fast in Season 4

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